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Wednesday, June 10, 2020

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No Agenda Newsletter

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Burn Baby, Burn

Covid's Last Gasp
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Tomorrow’s show.
Tomorrow you can expect an analysis of the supposed massive increase in Covid-19 cases presumably because of the relaxation of the shut down orders. The weakening of the virus is also reported which brings us back to it being a man-made chimera.
cartoon mocks mask wearing
As this picks up steam, the rioting is finally abating, and the police are going to work to track down some of the “revolutionaries” (aka dipshits) who managed to commit arson and toss Molotov cocktails during the “peaceful” protests. To understand this better you may enjoy Millennial Millie’s video linked here.
cartoon depicting protestors
You can expect a new look at the Biden campaign and his possible VP pick. The bookies are straying far away from Dvorak’s Klobuchar prediction. She’s trailing three black women. Expect a lively discussion about this.
screenshot of betting odds
The bookmakers have their own list of favorites. This is one of them.
It promises to be a lively show. You can immunize yourself from this wholly unhealthy corporate media self-deception with realistic news analysis provided by the No Agenda Show.

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