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Wednesday, June 17, 2020

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Biden remains in the basement, letting things happen all around him. This has somehow put him up 13-points in the polls. This hiding cannot go on forever, but he’s definitely taking advantage of it. Whether he even knows he is in the basement is another matter.
crashed Joe Biden boat
The protests continue with a lot of focus remaining on the autonomous zone within the city of Seattle, the enclave better known as CHAZ. The latest is that the police have refused to take calls from the area. No matter what happens. This is nuts of course, and nobody can tell if these orders come from the police department itself or the Mayor or whomever.

You can be certain that every city run by a liberal/progressive major and council is keeping a close eye on these developments. What’s beyond amazing is how mellow the citizens seem in these cities. Sure, you find a few people whose business were burned down or looted who complain. But the rest of the public seems OK with the situation. This is beyond weird. If anyone is asking for these idealistic mayors to step down it’s the same protestors responsible for the damage. The general public should be demanding change of governance, but it seems they are happy with all this.
Sign reads abolish the police
While the TV pundit talk about defunding, this is what the protestors are after.
Then again, there are a lot of people fed up with the big cities like Seattle, Los Angeles and San Francisco and are just leaving town.

Wait until those remaining see the tax bill headed their way. Washington governor Jay Inslee has threatened to impose a state income tax which will drive out a lot of industry in Washington worsening the situation.
LA Times clipping showing armored car
How bad are the schools in LA, anyway???
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This joker
Rick Wilson tweet one
Rick Wilson is one of the Neocon founders of the Lincoln Project put together by disgruntled Republicans to vote out Trump and elect Joe Biden. He digs up an 8-year-old tweet to slam Kayleigh and Domino's.
Third tweet busts Rick Wilson
So someone digs up a 2012 Tweet by him praising the beating up of a US soldier. This is not a good look for a so-called Republican conservative and Rick should be cancelled for this sort of hate of the US military. Karma!! The easy way out for Rick? Become a Democratic-Socialist  where this is OK. Move over, A.O.C.!!
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