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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Big Brother 3-Canada Finale

I just finished watching the finale of Big Brother 3-Canada and I must give it to the production crew for raising the bar here... most certainly giving the BBUSA something to strive for this season.  As for the houseguests..  I would have to say they grew on my was the season went on, each one with their own good and bad qualities.. I guess you could say that is pretty much what makes up most of us and it all depends on just how well we manage to get along being stuck in a home for that long. If I had to compare the houseguests from previous years (1 and 2) I would have to say these were the worst but that doesn't mean it wasn't worth watching.. I must say it would be nice if they (big brother Canada and USA) would stop trying so hard at making it a dating game. They did succeed in numerous showmances and so much kissing.. that I will chalk up for having such a young cast.. and whats with having only 1 person that is almost double the age of the youngest houseguest? It is hardly fair for that person.. there should have been at least 2 older houseguest in my honest opinion. That being said, I think spreading the ages from 21 to say 51 would have been great, making it even more social. With 16 houseguests that shouldn't be too difficult to manage.

The production of the show is truly the best of all Big Brother seasons and that includes 16 years of Big Brother USA.  The ideas that went in to the challenges, the rooms such as the vault and the special floorboards in the have-not room which had pressure sensitive switches and secret trap door with SAFE passes.. well thought out! Right to the end they made the twists work out--by revealing that 10 jury members is one too many and having to cut one of them, but having the final 3 decide on who to cut--brilliant!  Also having the country (Canada) play along, but not to the point where it seemed overly rigged or one-sided. It was obvious that Britney and Sarah were on the outs and what better way to play it then have them be have-nots that were picked by Canada--making them feel as though their entire country disliked them, only to have the reveal that it was for a good reason. Again.. well done!

In conclusion, being a fan of Big Brother from Season 1 of the USA series I can honestly say that for the 3 seasons that Canada has now produced this program, it has always been top quality and in my opinion, weighs very heavily on the next production of BBUSA.. unfortunately for BBUSA, they could really care less about their neighbors to the North and will continue to pump out the same old BBUSA production courtesy of CBS each and every year. A shame really, since Canada even utilized BBUSA winners (Ian and Dan) and Fan Fav Donny as special guests in the Big Brother Side Show which was also a big hit in books.. having it a full 1 hour program following the evicted houseguest of the week, providing a more indepth understanding of the play of the game truly kept the attention of the viewer until the next episode.  For those truly in to Big Brother, it was great because you didn't have such a long wait between the 3 main episodes.  Another thing the US could learn from Canada is the feeds.. sure nothing is free on the internet --but BBCAN feeds have always been.. lets hope they stay that way.. Yes, I must admit I pay for the feeds in the USA but that's because I'm a superfan of the show--but it most certainly is a sour point for me, since I believe any time you pay for something there also should be some quality control that goes with it and unfortunately this is quite obviously just a money grab by Big Brother Production.

Big Brother USA Season 17 begins June 24, 2015 and is now plugging that they were the first to bring "Hi-Def"... well yeah but only because all cameras these days are HD. Let's see what else you can come up with.. BBCan 3 has certainly set the bar very high!