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Thursday, June 9, 2016

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We should see one of the muddiest elections in history


Dear Producer,

Now that the combatants running for President have been decided what is the first thing you see? Trump on a teleprompter and Hillary dressed like Dr. Evil. Fantastic. This is going to be rich. Your No Agenda Show will do the best job of analyzing the coverage and identifying the various lies, misdirection’s, hidden agendas and potential threats to your mental health.
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Here are your two candidates!
One aspect of the current election campaign is the unusual compartmentalization of the voting blocks, much of this due to the echo chamber of social media. If you go from one side to the other you find all sorts of odd derisive imagery. Hillary is a target within one group and Trump is a target of another. The crossover is minimal and the echo-chamber effect amplifies what is becoming incredible hatred. This cannot be healthy.

In this newsletter let’s take a look at the extreme Hillary supporters and the sorts of anti-trump imagery being passed around. Next Thursday we will balance this with a look at the anti-Hillary material.
These images are incredibly compartmentalized on the extreme Hillary sites. This amount to nothing more than preaching to the choir. The impact on the general public seems to be minimal. The same goes for the extreme anti-Hillary material. Much of this is quite creative.
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