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Thursday, February 16, 2017

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Dear Producer,
Where to start? This week has been awesome with the anti-Trump factions picking off General Michael Flynn and sending him to the showers. Kellyanne Conway is next. This was all after a trial run that took out Monica Crowley over dubious accusations for plagiarism debunked by this article.

This is going to get more and more complex and it’s now on full tilt with no objectivity whatsoever by the mainstream media -- doing what it can to make matters worse.

Your No Agenda Show, which as far as you can tell, has no peer when it comes to analyzing what amounts to baloney in the media, needs your support more than ever.

On tomorrow’s show you can still do a belated Valentine’s Day call out, or just contribute whatever you can for support. It has become very difficult to fight back what appears to be a full court press of misleading information done on behalf of an anti-American globalist agenda.
Crowley, Flynn. Like shooting fish in a barrel. Andrew Pudzer taken out as this is written. That one was easier.
You can make the argument that this one world order will be dominated by Islam, at least from trom the looks of it. It will not be the Baptists, that’s for sure.

The weird and unholy alliance between the modern woman’s movement and radical Islam is something nobody wants to discuss. But it’s so obvious when the most recent “Woman’s March” refused to have anything to do with the pro-life and Christian women while embracing Muslim activist Linda Sarsour as a co-organizer.

Moderate Muslims who have been trying to warn the West about these fundamentalist trends have been shut out and it’s doubtful their voice in the future will be seen as much more than an oddity while they are condemned (if not killed) by the Salafists and others who aim to revitalize the Caliphate.
Linda Sarsour. Winning the battle for feminism. Christians be damned.
This is not a good situation to be in especially if it is being orchestrated by our own people in the intelligence world, which is looking more and more possible if not likely.

And when trying to dissect the hit job on Monica Crowley always remember that she was very close to Richard Nixon who according to highly regarded journalist Russ Baker was bum-rushed out of Washington with a CIA orchestrated Watergate botch designed to fail just to get Nixon into hot water. Nixon was the last President who tried to dismantle the CIA which began running the country and its foreign policy since the assassination of Kennedy who also threatened the Agency.
Nixon. Number 12.
And as discussed on the show Michael Flynn was hated by CIA too. This goes back to his days running the DIA.

This is a mess and it appeared that Trump was trying to make peace with the CIA, but appears that it did not work. The real scandal with the ouster of Flynn was the leaking of intelligence gathered transcripts of his call with the Russians. This is what resulted in him quitting. So private conversations by our own intelligence agencies can be used as blackmail and leverage? How is that ok?
Are you really surprised?
These are the kinds of questions that are discussed on your No Agenda Show. You can listen to us or read the New York Times and the WAPO which are delivering misleading propaganda to serve another Master rather than serve the public.

You’re stuck with that unless you support the lifeline to reality called the No Agenda ShowClick here.

We research and discuss this for you -- and more on the next show.
Your Co-hosts,
John C Dvorak & Adam Curry
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After Pudzer. Upcoming target. Kellyanne Conway.
The media hates her. You'll begin to see pics of her that are 'shopped to make her look like a homely old woman. No sexism in the media, right?
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