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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

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No Agenda Thursday Show

REDUX: Trump Haters are irked Globalists?

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Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! Kissinger!
The upcoming episodes of No Agenda promise to be some of the most exciting analysis as friction between President Trump and much of the world extends into the news. A good example is the speaker of the House of Commons, John Bercow, condemning Trump and calling him a sexist and not welcome to speak before Parliament
The problem here is that the speaker is supposed to be neutral in this circumstance. Here he instead  shows the same kind of bigoted take on Trump exposed by an earlier exercise during the campaign when the House was trying to pass an order that would have banned Trump from ever entering the UK.
John Bercow, speaker of the UK House of Commons, appears to be a dead ringer for comic Jon Stewart.
None of this is good for the UK when it is trying to make trade deals with as many friends as it can to ease the negative implications of pulling out of the EU.

Only No agenda covers any of these stories and the stories behind the stories. Your No Agenda Show is supported and produced by you for this purpose. It gives you an edge and an understanding.
Think of the benefits of a show like this. Producers and casual listeners all agree that the show keeps them sane. The MSM is a cacophony of confused agenda-prone stories designed to keep you off-balance. This is to trick you into buying products or to influence your thinking.

When an entire news industry pays for itself with advertising to stay alive, selling you stuff is the priority. Informing you is always secondary.

And, heaven forbid, they will never encourage you to be skeptical of anything. That’s because you may be skeptical of the advertiser or skeptical of the weird story that turns out to be a native ad.

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