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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

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The Mainstream Media is not your friend
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Quit being used by the corporate media

Dear Producer,
As we head deep into summer, there are no summer reruns on No Agenda. So we will still need your help. Contribute something today by clicking here.

If you haven’t yet figured out that the corporate media is not your friend, you will any minute. You will never see so much misleading information anywhere else. Ask yourself why?

No Agenda fixes the misinformation with clear and logical analysis of today’s news.

People like to say that there is an agenda at the No Agenda Show. It’s true. The agenda is to guard reality, prevent cognitive dissonance.

And this work can only be accomplished with your help. Without the No Agenda Show you are faced with delusional and often hate filled media whose real goal is to put you into a frame of mind to buy something you do not really want or need.

In fact, with the mainstream model, you become the product and the advertiser is the customer as far as the networks are concerned.
CNN host, creative writing teacher and supposed "public intellectual" throws out this tweet and later defends it. Amazing disrespect must permeate CNN as well as other mainstream media news operations. How can any objective reporting be expected? How is this acceptable?
It’s amusing how the media analysts complain that network TV news skews to an older demographic as if this is a flaw. It skews that way because network news is selling its listeners to drug companies who need an older audience to capture.

The customer is the one who pays for the services. On TV the customer is the advertiser. How do you fit into the model? Who will the news provider have more respect for? You, or its customer, the advertiser?

No Agenda does not use this exploitative mechanism and does not try to manipulate you so you’ll buy a new sleep aid from the advertiser.

We reverse it. You are indeed the customer with No Agenda. You are not a bystander to be exploited. This is the deal you get if you want this sort of real analysis. Value for value. Please help with a contribution of any amount by clicking here or take advantage of the upcoming July 1 palindrome with a $71.17 contribution. Click here.
On Tomorrow’s show there is a lot to discuss. You have the UK elections, a bad idea from the beginning; the possible new FBI director, the reaction to the terror attack by knife-wielding maniacs in London, and the media reactions to all of it. And, of course the now famous leaker, Reality Winner will be featured as well as Comey. 
You will never hear anything like the discussions and revelations you hear on the No Agenda Show. Ask yourself why, then answer your own question by contributing to the show by clicking here. We need your direct support more than ever this summer.
Your Co-hosts,
John C Dvorak & Adam Curry
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