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Thursday, June 29, 2017

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Let's all make fake magazine covers!

Dear Producer,
There are a series of major events, the most interesting of which is the once-every-hundred years 7-1-17 palindrome for July 1, 2017. This is coincidentally the 150thanniversary for Canada’s official founding. They will be having a massive celebration.

No Agenda is offering special donation levels of $71.17 for the palindrome and $150 to celebrate the Canadian holiday. The Palindrome is unique and obviously lucky since it incorporates two 7’s and an 11. Dice players should find this particularly valuable
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With these events followed by the 4th of July (donate), tomorrow’s show has a lot of explanations for the hectic news that wants to take a holiday break. Adam will be reporting from the EU on Sunday. With news and analysis of the fake Trump Time magazine cover to the health reform bill, only No Agenda brings you actual analysis that makes sense.
The Scandalous FAKE Trump Time Magazine Cover
At Trumps Golf Club hangs a fake Time Magazine cover that anyone can make using templates. These are usually given as gag gifts. At some carnivals there is a booth where you can make this and other covers using licensed computer software. The WAPO finally discovered this "fake" and went ballistic. The whole media is on this "scandal."

Generally speaking when you make one of these covers you try to add some humor. This cover says “Global Warming. A New Age of Extinction?” Funny? Maybe. But the whole layout reeks of an old template. Above you can compare it to the real cover. No comparison insofar as layout is concerned. And if anything is funny it’s the fact that it took this long for the media to discover it.
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Your Co-hosts,
John C Dvorak & Adam Curry
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