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Thursday, June 22, 2017

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The GA Election is a disaster.
For the Media!
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No Agenda Thursday Show

Media Freak Out Continues in Georgia

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Compare your No Agenda Show with the mainstream media and its coverage. First of all, the corporate folks only want to sell products and you have to wonder why it so badly prefers Democrats to Republicans. The recent election in Georgia (USA) was a huge disappointment to media executives. These elections are ruining the media advertising narrative.

While the candidates spent over $50 million, which mostly went into the media coffers, it actually showed, as Trump proved in 2016, that the person who spent the most money did not necessarily win. This is counter to the narrative.
Stunned silence as CNN anchors realize that the old "spend and win" rules no longer apply and their incomes are at risk.
This is seen by the media as a bad thing. It’s the media that benefits the most from campaign spending because the money gets spent mostly on advertising. The established idea that the candidate who spends the most wins fell by the wayside with Trump and was further marginalized by this Georgia election.

You No Agenda Show has harped on how the polls are rigged to get one candidate or another to spend more money. This manipulation peaked with Obama in 2012. While the polls had the race neck-and-neck, it was not even close.
The mainstream media now has one goal for the next few years: reverse this Trump spend-less trend and reverse it fast. The anti-Trump sentiment within the mainstream media might actually reflect this more than anything else. Trump is a threat to the bottom line.

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NA BONUS. What is up with this?
Al Sharpton selfie with a mirror. Why is he dressing like a 12-year-old paperboy? Once Sharton lost all his fat he turns out to be a very small, petite male. It wasn't as noticeable before and it is kind of fascinating how he morphed into a different person. Has he ever discussed this?
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