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Thursday, March 1, 2018

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Dead February Ends!!
Hello March!

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No Agenda Thursday Show

More news to cover than ever.

After a miserable and predictable February, we start fresh with March tomorrow. And hope you’ll continue to support the best podcast in the universe with a healthy sustaining donation of any amount by clicking here.

It’s also show 1012 -- an important Angel number if you are into that whole subsection of occult thinking .

1012 was also the year that marked the ascendancy of Gregory VI to the position of anti-Pope in a screwball turn of events. (Spoiler alert: it did not work out.) You can be sure show 1012 will be as exciting.
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No Agenda deconstructs news in such a way that the future news becomes predictable as shown this week with the Jared Kushner situation that was clear from the outset. Clear if you had your No Agenda thinking cap on.

The three hour show of news deconstruction can only be accomplished without corporate interference.

Corporations do not want you to understand what is going on. This is largely because they prefer an ill-informed, if not gullible public to whom they can sell more and more stuff.

These companies control the mainstream media and sometimes slant coverage for reasons that are often vague. General Electric and its partial ownership of NBCi is a case in point. While the company relies on the government for much of its revenue, it is decidedly anti-Republican. Why?
How is this news? She's a PR woman and now it's a scandal that she does her job? White lies? Really? Are they in High School?
Comcast, which now owns the majority of NBCi is very dependent on the government, hoping to be treated fairly in regulatory hearings, also acts very biased. But why? It does not benefit the corporation in any observable way. Only your No Agenda Show looks at these conditions to separate fact from fiction and from noticeably slanted reports to make sure you know the story behind the story.
This digging cannot be done without your direct support. So, let’s make March a growth month for the show. Contribute what you can by clicking here today. Help the show, help yourself.
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