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Thursday, March 15, 2018

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Chaos and More Chaos
March Redux

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Meanwhile, the action is today as millions of unrelated children from all over the country with no connection to each other in any way are somehow (all-at the same time)spontaneously walking out of class to protest gun violence. And, yes, someone is coordinating this and Soros is lurking in the background.

The idea, of course, is to disarm the American public – a process that is taking a lot longer than anyone hoped. By targeting the youth and only the youth, combined with the mediocre teaching of civics and US History (except anti-American US History highlighting the negative points – the Howard Zinn curriculum) they may have something that works in the long term. You may get an entire generation of fearful Americanswilling to repeal the Second Amendment which is the real target and the only real way to disarm the USA.
Somewhere along the line of controlled argument this phrase from the 1960's was marginalized. Why? You will hear why on the next show.
Unfortunately, this may run into the real possibility that the Generation Z groups of children born after 1995 have within their midst potential conservative pragmatists.

On tomorrow’s show we discuss the Boomers/Gen X/Millennials/Gen Z world and what it means to these topics.

Also you get a look at the outrageous news media's interpretations of the Rex Tillerson affair and what you should know.
Tillerson with Robin Williams
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Classics from this week
These are the op-ed columns highlighted by today's WAPO. The top one is about Russia Russia Russia. The second pretends to be about Hillary but quickly goes into Trump bashing. And the bottom story is about how Trump agreed to meet with Kim Jong-Un which is somehow a "stunning blunder." Is Trump bashing all they do all the time? Why?
More Rex Tillerson
Pledge to who?
She waas told that the engine needs oil. With today's schooling can you see someone actually thinking this way?
Rex Tillerson proving a point.
These hate tweets are a violation of Twitter policies and standards. Why are they allowed?
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