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Wednesday, August 1, 2018

No Agenda Newsletter

No Agenda Newsletter

Show 1056.
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M5M seems clueless again. Plus 8-1-1-8
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On tomorrow’s show
One of the things that No Agenda tries to do with news is add the logical angle to otherwise weird or slanted stories. The M5M is running a lot of screwball stories to get attention and never even tries to explore the possibilities of analysis. Taking Trump out of context is always a winner, so just do that.

One of the most recent eye-rollers comes from the BBC with the headlineJared Kushner 'registered to vote as a woman'. This got my attention and it’s a classic because there are hints that this was on purpose. And the official explanation that it was carelessness passed off as folly.

In fact, this looks likes a “bro” culture gag that many of us would have done, given the chance. He fills out his registration and forgets to tick the M/F box, leaving it blank. He gives it to an associate to send in or deliver. One of the people in his circle thinks it would be a laugh riot to check the box indicating female and hilarity ensues.
Could he pull it off?
Apparently, he remained registered as such for 8 yearsuntil some reporter found out about it and now it’s big news!

Why risk life and limb reporting in Yemen when this low-hanging fruit is within reach.

That said the BBC did reveal what isa funny idea.
Meanwhile the other major British news player is advocating a do-over with Brexit. What’s in it for the Guardian? Ideas welcome.
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Variety pack of screwball memes and humor.
Sounds like fake news, right? Wishful thinking perhaps.
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