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Saturday, August 25, 2018

No Agenda-The Saturday Memo

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Tomorrow’s show is filled with more and more analysis of intrigue about Trump’s tribulations as the Democrats, the mainstream media, old-guard Republicans, University students, Hollywood elites and the Billionaire class gang up on the President. Whatever personality disorder drives him, it’s remarkable to witness his resolve, like him or not.
A key to the political games is the impeachment gambit. I promised you a concise essay on how this works. It follows as promised.
The Impeachment Gambit
John C. Dvorak

From the day of the Trump swearing-in ceremony there were calls by Democrats to impeach him. It began with his being “unfit” and evolved into a huge list outlined here. The two biggest promoters of impeachment were Maxine Waters and Al Green, black representatives from very safe districts. The rest of the Dem party thought that this sort of harassment was a benefit to the freaked-out democrat voters.

This quickly evolved into a campaigning strategy that would continue and will continue until 2022 in hopes that Democrats can win seats and perhaps the Presidency in 2020.

The gambit goes like this.

STAGE ONE: We, the Democrats, on behalf of the American people want to impeach this unfit, maybe illegitimate and immoral President. Let’s do it!

STAGE TWO: Oh wait we cannot do it because the House is controlled by Republicans. Let’s vote them out then impeach. Get out the vote for 2018!

STAGE THREE: (The stage assumes the Democrats take the House.) We’ve got the house, let’s impeach. But wait, we do not have enough votes. There are still roadblocks. But wait, the 2020 election is coming let’s skip impeachment and simply vote him out!

STAGE FOUR. Back to Stage One to prime voters for 2022 midterms.

That is pretty much all there is to it, at least with the sensible Democrats. The whole thing and the discussion is a sham. But because it does exist there is a triggering fear that the threat of impeachment will drive Republicans to the polls for the 2018 midterms. Thus the impeachment discussion is supposed to be toned down which is difficult with the recent indictments of Trump associates and show-boaters like Al Green promoting impeachment on their own.

This is worsened by rich self-promoters like Billionaire-Democrat Tom Steyer who has been promoting impeachment for at least a year and is continuing this strategy on his own and against the genuine party tacticians.

Another element to consider is that if Trump was actually impeached or forced to resign after the 2018 midterms that would mean that squeaky-clean Pence would take over and potentially be President through 2028 giving a decade’s worth of Supreme Court nominees to a genuine Christian conservative. Democrat strategists are aware of this scenario so they are playing the impeachment gambit carefully.

And even spook Michael Hayden has publicly stated that all this impeachment talk is a bad idea and would look like a soft coup to the public and be blamed on the targeted elites in the Intel community and elsewhere. He said Trump must be voted out, if he is to be removed.

The problem is that the coordination of strategy is lacking in the Democrat party and the possibility of a huge backlash for the 2018 midterms resulting in pro-Trump Republican votes coming out “to save Trump.” That may mean that the Dems will gain neither the House or the Senate and end up in extreme disarray.--jcd
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