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Wednesday, September 11, 2019

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No Agenda Newsletter

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Finally, we are in palindrome month, the last of its kind for a long while. Today, which also commemorates the 9-11 attack from 18 years ago is its one and only palindrome 9-11-19. Insofar as a donation is concerned $911.19 would be the most impressive, but $91.19 also works. Tomorrow 9-12-19 is another palindrome as is the rest of the week.

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Maybe the pollsters would put me on the polls if a couple of them "disappeared."
Tomorrow’s show will definitely be a bell ringer as the media goes after Trump with the racist moniker. This was picked up by the intellectual cesspool known as Twitter. Dan Rather rattled off a Trump-hating “he’s a racist” tweet and managed to utilize the long debunked “there are good people on both sides” hoax. Hilarity ensued.
tweet by Dan Rather
A tweetstorm was initiated by journalist Dan Rather condemning Trump and re-introducing the long debunked "good people on both sides" meme that has become a pet peeve of Scott Adams. It mattered not as everyone called Trump a racist anyway just as the NYT programmed them to do.
tweet by scott adams
trump is racist tweet
Democrats, meanwhile went batshit with hundreds of "Trump is a racist" tweets topped by this one (above). Scott's complaints fell by the wayside.
Canada prepares for its Federal elections which are slated for Oct. 21, 2019. According to the papers across the country the campaigning has just begun this week. This is a bit different than in the USA where campaigning for the USA Federal elections in 2020 have been under way for months. The contrast is amusing.
Justin Trudeau with uard
This man has always refused to shake my hand. I need to report him.
There also has to be some discussion of the ouster/firing/resignation of the walrus John Bolton from the Trump White House. And while the mainstream media is condemning Trump for getting rid of this guy, the bigger question is how he got into the administration in the first place, something that has never been adequately explained.

The anomaly is that Bolton was the exact sort of neo-con that Trump was running against in the first place.
Dana Carvey looking like John Bolton
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