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Saturday, September 28, 2019

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Impeachment Scam!
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Currently, the US House Democrats are more and more intent about talking a big game about impeachment, but will never actually do it because the US Senate is not interested in taking any further action.

You have to remember that the Senate was also Republican when Clinton was impeached by the house. Clinton was a popular President and the Republican Senate just killed the whole thing. The net result was that many of the impeachment Republicans in the House were voted out of office in the next election, the Senate remained intact. With Nixon, who was never impeached, it was a different story as he quit office before anything could happen.
Impeach Nixon protests
There was a funny factoid in one of the forums discussing impeachment.
…impeachment is a very frequently used tool in an effort by the opposing party to gain back control.
13 presidents (including Reagan, 2 Bushes, Clinton, Obama, and Trump),
4 Vice Presidents,
9 Cabinet Members,
3 Fed Reserve Members,
17 other government officials
- have faced having Articles of Impeachment filed against them while in office.
Of all the presidents who have had charges brought against them by the House of Representatives, only 2 actually made it to a Senate trial (Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton) ...where both were acquitted and thus finished out their terms of office.
Al Green
This is what’s at play. In fact, Congressman Al Green (left), one of the leading impeachment proponents, actually said that Trump must be impeached otherwise he will get re-elected. This is no reason to impeach. Nobody has said this but the reason for going after Judge Kavanaugh is simply because they fear he will vote the wrong way on some future case involving abortions.
It’s surprising how many people have bought in to the impeachment storyline as if it has anything to do with actual corruption or actual impeachment for that matter.

Meanwhile, this article appeared on CNBC and has to have the Democrats rattled. Apparently, Wall Street and the banks are making it clear that they will not accept Warren as a candidate and will support all Republicans instead of putting up with her. Bernie is out for the same reason.
Meanwhile Biden is fading. So what will the Democrats have to do?
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