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Saturday, September 7, 2019

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Trump pic. Funny,
A meme-fest erupted regarding Trump's use of a sharpie to change the meaning of a photo. This skyrocketed to the head of the class.
Tomorrow we look into the Brexit dumpster fire and reevaluate the seemingly never-ending yellow-vest protests that are seeing a complete media blackout as Hong Kong is more fun only because of the possibilities of a massacre.
host holding a sign
Insofar as honest news coverage is concerned, this is true.
The mainstream news media is not your friend.

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Random pics of the week
Berry pie that looks like a face.
Creative idea for a berry pie.
Flying saucer diagrams
Esoteric information only provided by the No Agenda Show
Bernie Sanders
Bernie as a college kid. I think we all know this guy.
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