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Wednesday, October 2, 2019

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No Agenda Newsletter

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Dear Producer,
We begin the countdown to the 12th anniversary of the No Agenda Show. Help us celebrate with a generous 12th year anniversary tribute donation of any amount.

The political circus in the United States continues and needs more analysis than ever as truth and facts are more confusing than ever with Congressional hearings not even addressing reality but presenting “parodies” in these hearings. It is beyond weird.

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Tomorrow’s show.

Meanwhile it’s been announced that Bernie was taken off the campaign with clogged arteries and stents were inserted. This effectively takes him out of the race leaving Biden and Warren. Whether Bernie appears on the next debate stage is questionable. It looks as if the entire Democrat line up of candidates is hopeless and even comical.
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Your No Agenda Show can analyze the situation without interference by corporate overlords whose only interest is in promoting their brands without any controversy. The No Agenda Show is unusual and only made possible by genuine public support by you the listeners and producers. Please help keep it going with a contribution of any amount. Click here and help.

And you will also note that only No Agenda keeps you apprised of the events in Hong Kong, China, the EU, UK, South America and the other world hot-spots by scouring world news sources. Your No Agenda Show is a valuable news resource. Make sure it flourishes.
John C. Dvorak & Adam Curry
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PPS, Updated Democrat candidate rundown here.
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