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Wednesday, October 9, 2019

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No Agenda Newsletter

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Tomorrow’s show.
We are close to Hillary throwing her hat into the ring. On the PBS Newshour she said that maybe she should run again,  and “I can beat him a second time.” Her demeanor is more serious.

She cannot push things past November insofar as her candidacy is concerned, so it has to be soon.
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Meanwhile, Iraq is going nuts with no end in sight. There is no leadership in sight either. This is a bit under reported unlike the sudden US pull out from Syria, the invasion once designed to get us into a war with Russia.

Tomorrow you will also hear some incredible deconstruction including a New York Times article that seemed written for the candidacy of Hillary Clinton by re-introducing bogus memes as fact. Incredible rubbish waiting for the No Agenda scalpel. Lots of material.
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