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Saturday, October 5, 2019

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"Acrobatic" Dancers

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Tomorrow’s show has plenty of beef with news about Brexit, Hillary, the Trump impeachment, continued protests around the world, the crackdown in Hong Kong and more.

The American globalist mainstream media will mostly emphasize what a jerk Trump is and promote censorship and political correctness.

This M5M approach to supposed news is finally impinging on its own audience of Democrats, progressives and show business tycoons.

So you may have seen this tweet about Snoop Dog apologizing for acrobatic dancers.
snoop dog tweet
Looking into it revealed a classic story of apologies and contrition as the University of Kansas apologized profusely about a Snoop Dog concert on the campus to celebrate the opening of the new basketball season. Apparently Snoop used some comely pole dancers (fully clothed) as his background dancers and this flared up as numerous sensitive students found it highly offensive. They complained bitterly to the school.
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The school quickly backed these poor offended souls and apologized, on behalf of the school, to the community and forced Snoop Dog to kind of apologize.

The sociologies underlying al this are both fascinating and unhealthy. Only your No Agenda Show will discuss and analyze these sorts of events without bias. To make this possible we have no corporate suits controlling the message.
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