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Saturday, February 22, 2020

No Agenda-The Saturday Pose

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 It's a Bernie Palooza!

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Bernie Sanders as Thor
MLK I have a Meme pic
Tomorrow’s show
You’ll hear more about how the Democrats are trying to deal with the Bernie Sanders phenomenon. Bernie Sanders is a monster of their own creation and now they cannot stop him. The modern Democrat party is the party of the professional class, the tech billionaires, bankers, with close ties to the black voter and the Hispanics.

Sanders, on the other hand, is a throwback to bomb throwing Marxists of the 1930’s.

This has a massive appeal to the under-served members of the party including the disaffected youth and old fart hippies who have been unsuccessful in life or at least dissatisfied. Half of Bernie’s audience looks like Bernie
Bernie Sanders
If Biden or someone else cannot hold South Carolina, it’s over.

In California, the only three candidates advertising heavily are Sanders, Bloomberg and Steyer. Sanders should take the state with ease. Bloomberg will increase his ad spending and still lose, while Steyer, who, let’s be honest, looks like a creep, is deluded.

The media will release polls telling everyone it is neck-and-neck in a last-ditch effort to soak them good and encourage more ad spending. “It’s too close to predict a winner.” The polls will all contradict one another. “News at 11, it looks like Tom Steyer can win California!” The scam is transparent, at least to the No Agenda community.
Tom Steyer
He could win!!
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