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Saturday, February 15, 2020

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Presidents' Day

Hippies versus Beatniks
Dear Producer,
This is one of those 4-day weekends (take off on a rare Friday Valentine’s day, come back to work next Tuesday after the Monday Presidents’ Day holiday) when the show gets little or no support and overall listenership is way down. So we encourage those you who care about the fact that we work though these holidays to give us some support.

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And, as Adam asked in the last show, "Do we know that he is really gay?"
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Tomorrow’s show.
There is a distinct slowdown in the news as the Democratic primaries are getting tense with focus on a terrible group of Democrat contenders. Adam thinks Biden is out and has high hopes for Klobuchar, I’m not willing to give up on Biden until after South Carolina. If he blows that, and he just might, then that opens the door for Bernie with Bloomberg not far behind.

Bernie versus Bloomberg would be a great showdown between a 1930’s style old socialist up against a post-modern technocratic American oligarch. You could not ask for anything better if you are standing on the sidelines watching. The ages are interesting. Bernie Sanders is 78, Bloomberg is 78, and Biden is 77, while Liz Warren at 70 is a spring chicken (all these folks would use that term).
pic of Bloomberg and Bernie
Also noteworthy is that neither Sanders, Biden or Bloomberg are baby boomers, both are from the so-called silent generation. Trump and Warren are baby boomers, as are the Clintons, Obama, and George and Jeb Bush.

The silent generation produced a lot of troublemakers and an inordinate number of influencers and globalists that the boomers took the unwarranted blame for. The 77-year-old sub-group (just one piece of the generation) includes Barbara Streisand, Paul McCartney, Martin Scorsese, Jerry Jones, Joe Pesci, Joy Behar, Garrison Keillor, among others. Within the group is an inordinate number of Trump-haters.
Joy Behar grimacing
Watching a showdown between the oldest of the baby boomers versus the holdouts from the silent generation has to be discouraging to those leaders in their 50’s and 60’s who should be in the forefront. And this is in stark contrast to the American entrepreneurial penchant for grooming CEO’s in their 20’s.
cartoon of child CEO
Only your No Agenda Show has the chops and the freedom to look at American politics with objectivity. And that is only because we refused to be dependent on advertising and corporate control. Please make sure it stays that way on this slow Sunday. Help the show today, especially on a slow day. Click here! Any amount of support helps.
John C. Dvorak
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