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Monday, February 17, 2020

TPS Consulting Daily

How the Coronavirus Epidemic Could Upend the Global Economy
time.comThere are many ways to measure the costs of coronavirus. There have now been more than 24,000 officially reported cases, and nearly 500 people have died, but we’d be wise not to have much faith in th…
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Sleep hacking: How to control your mitochondrial clocks
bigthink.comDAVE ASPREY: One of the biggest things you can do that isn't going to cost you anything is improve the quality of your sleep. It's funny, because when you get a good night's sleep regularly at the ri…
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"Moderate" Amy Klobuchar Strongly Against English as America's Language - Blunt Force Truth
bluntforcetruth.comMainstream Democrat positions from the Clinton and even Obama era are now all officially hate crimes, from the 1994 crime bill (locking up crack dealers is racist), to any kind of immigration enforce…
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Trump Just Came Out and Admitted He Sent Rudy Giuliani to Dig Up Dirt on His Rivals
vice.comAfter months of denying that he personally sent Rudy Giuliani to Ukraine to get damaging information on political opponents, including the Biden family, President Donald Trump just came out and admit…
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Stop Wearing a Mask - You Are Enough - Law of Attraction Success -
wherethewindblows.caHow many times have you wore a mask to fit in with the crowd? How often do you pretend to be something your not just because that is what people are expecting? That was me. That’s what I was doing in…
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