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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

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The end of the world is near. Donate before it is too late!


Dear Producer,

Today marks the end of the world for a few doomsday cults. You have to wonder if these folks are disappointed when this nonsense does not come to pass as predicted. Google the terms “doomsday” and “Sept 23” to find videos and details.

There are a number of offenders involved in this malarkey which seems like a distraction of the week propagated by news and analysis sources that should try to educate the public not needlessly scare the excitable.
Tomorrow’s show will celebrate the end of the world once again with a simple 9/23 or $9.23 mini-donation that everyone can afford. Support for the show was very poor last Sunday and your help is needed. Please contribute any amount by clicking here.
Also the 8th anniversary show is in a few short weeks. Again we are offering three congratulatory donations to help celebrate. 800 pennies800 dimes or 800 dollars.

The 800 dollar donation come with double executive producer credit. One fortomorrow’s show and one for the actual show 800.

If the world ends tonight, this will all be moot, of course.
Found on the CCTV Chinese government news channel. This is not what the US public was told about the climate change agreement with China. WE reduce our emissions while Chinese emissions continue to increase to 2030? How is this a smart idea? Seems as if the US public has been scammed.
This mess is allowed to worsen for the next 15 years unabated. This is the vaunted climate change agreement?
Tomorrow’s show will incorporate Adam’s travels and discuss the show meet-ups as well as the Pope's awkward visit to the USA whereby he is consulting with leftist troublemaker Naomi Klein, which is odd in itself.

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Your co-hosts,
John C. Dvorak & Adam Curry

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Looking for the end of the world. Finding nothing.
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