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Sunday, September 6, 2015

No Agenda-The Saturday Memo

Note from John C. Dvorak

Riding with Biden



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On the Sunday Show we are back to news analysis. The six week cycle officially peaks on Sept. 15th and it will be hard to get much attention for any small event while the TV Networks harp on all the heartbreaking refugee stories coming out of the EU. So look for a bigger event.

In the meantime, for you I’ve gathered some of the best of the Joe Biden collection of goofy photos. He is as least as good as Trump for making exaggerated faces. These sorts of pics will only show up in the mainstream media after Joe decides to run. Some predict he will announce on the new Colbert Show this week.
The media is boosting the Biden candidacy because it means more advertising money for them. It’s all about the money for the media. It could be argued that weakening Hillary by harping on her emails is part of a scheme to create more drama and more advertising revenue
Biden has got to be thinking to himself that he was a great VP and this will be his last chance to become President, he has to give it a shot because his son wanted him to. He knows he will regret it if he does not at least try.
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You just have to wonder what the shovel ever did to that dog
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