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Sunday, September 13, 2015

No Agenda-The Saturday Memo

Note from John C. Dvorak

Six Weeks are up in 10-9-8-7....



I’m hoping this Sunday will be one of the last low-support shows of 2015 due to the holiday.Donations are next to nothing and this is compounded by almost no checks in the mail, which I attribute to the time of year. Two lone checks were in the mailbox. It's weird.

This is only tempered by subscriptions and we encourage you to subscribe to the show. Today let’s emphasize two of the single most popular of the monthly subscriptions.
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Tomorrow’s show will be close to the nexus of the six-week cycle which does not appear to have a major event attached to it (yet).  An opportunity for misbehavior does exist as over the next few days many police departments across the nation will be taking part in emergency situation exercises.

And remember that next Wednesday’s CNN Republican debate falls within the range of the 6-week cycle. At least expect some sort of demonstrations at the event.
In an effort to clear out more photos from the archive, here are a few gems.
John NcAfee has filed to run for President.
Unlikely to make this Wednesday's debate, though.
The world's biggest airplane, the Antonov-225, is actually made in Ukraine along with other armaments the Russians buy and use.
Shatner's worst nightmare.
Glass-holes extraordinaire
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"When will this nerd ever shut up."
Trains good, planes bad.
Toot toot
SF Bay in about a month.
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