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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

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Another Attack on Bacon while we Celebrate


No Agenda Thursday Show

Eight more years of unique news coverage


Dear Producer,

Tomorrow is the 8th Anniversary show, marking 8 years of doing the No Agenda Show. Your only show that actually goes behind the story to find out who is manipulating the news and why they are doing it.

No Agenda cannot thank you enough for your support over these 8 years and offer our last sack of eights, renamed the lucky 8-ball, once more so you can be part of this moment. Click here.

Also we have the double-producerships ready to be credited tomorrow. Add any amount you’d like to be part of the celebration by clicking here.

is is a perfect moment for first time donors.
No Agenda is an important lifeline to reality. The producers and listeners who follow the various deconstructions done over the years develop a fantastic knack to do this for themselves and immediately see through the harmful propaganda. The first goal is to spot the initial attack of the coordinated news event. Once spotted you can quickly see it is a campaign. Then the hard part comes. Who is behind it and why?
A recent coordinated attack on the processed meat and "red" meat industry is a case in point. Why attack hot dogs during the American World Series baseball playoffs? For anyone who wonders about the validity of the latest claims please go read the ZoĆ« Harcombe website here
There was an almost identical coordinated attack in 2010. This will be discussed ontomorrow's show.
YUM! Let's eat this instead. (Tastes like poop).
If you want real analysis based on research and digging deeper into a story, No Agenda is your show. To keep it alive please support No Agenda any way you can. There are excellent ideas on the support page here.
You can expect No Agenda to continue to tear apart the fake stories and dubious realities fed to the public to manipulate the way they think and act. Once you break away from what can only be described as programming you will feel better and know more. This is important work.

Please continue to support No Agenda for another 8 years.

In the meantime, Happy Anniversary! YOU made it happen.
Your co-hosts,
John C. Dvorak & Adam Curry

PS And you can always send checks to Box 339, El Cerrito, CA 94530. Make checks payable to the No Agenda Show.
Eight kittens for 8 Years
Bonus kitten video.
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