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Sunday, October 25, 2015

No Agenda-The Saturday Memo

Note from John C. Dvorak

Sack of 8's

On last Thursday’s show one of our producers contributed $88.88 to celebrate our 8th anniversary mentioning that the show had historically done a sack of this and a sack of that like last year’s sack of 7’s. or $77.77. He asked, so what happened to a sack of 8’s?
Of course I forgot all about this and our anniversary is Monday. I screwed up, but there is still a day left. So here is the special lucky sack of 8’s donation created today. Click here to celebrate eight.
You should note the special meaning of 8 to most of the Asian cultures. This is the luckiest number there is and license plates in Hong Kong go for over $2 million a year for the plain number 8. The record for the plate was set in 2007 when someone paid over $5 million US dollars for the plate.

All variants on 8 are valuable in Asian markets as 8 is considered the luckiest number, period.

So this will be the lucky donation of the year.
Tomorrow's show has a lot of deconstructed news and, of course, the boring Hillary hearings will get mentioned. It looked to be a dud with a lot of interesting questions left on the table while dimwits asked her if Ambassador Stevens had her home address. Why? To send gifts?

And what needs discussing is this crazy Hurricane Patricia. Within a mere 48 hours it goes from a tropical storm to a Cat 1 hurricane to a Cat 5 hurricane to the worst hurricane EVER with 200 mph winds then quickly back to a tropical storm then a tropical depression. Really? In this short of a time period? Do you find this a little odd?
Only No Agenda discusses these sorts of peculiar stories in a way that helps you understand what is going on.

Help us keep doing this for another 8 years. Any contribution is welcome. Please click here and contribute.

Eight years and counting! Thanks to you.
Your co-host,

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Eight puppies for eight great years.
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