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Thursday, December 14, 2017

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Special Offer and the Battle of the Sexes

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Tomorrow's show continues to follow the supposed sex scandals that are being used as all sorts of leverage to sideline people and win elections. This is expected to continue for a while.

This is a huge distraction from never-ending war news and the apparent failure of Brexit as well as “Three roads, no belt” coverage only provided by your No Agenda Show.

A recent sex-capade is outlined by the following short essay.
Battle of the Sexes, Part One

Kirsten Gillibrand has been in the news for condemning President Trump and demanding his resignation. She got more attention once Trump tweeted that she was a lightweight and would “do anything” to get campaign contributions with the following tweet.

This caused an uproar as every Democrat pundit immediately interpreted Trump’s tweet as saying that Gillibrand offered sexual favors. The tweet said nothing of the sort, but everyone could see how that may have been the point.

What nobody ever does is take Trump seriously and suggest that perhaps Gillibrand did offer sexual favors. Are we to suddenly believe that this sort of thing never happens? Are we to suddenly think that all women, just because they are women, are all virtuous. What kind of thinking is this? It’s putting women on a pedestal, which is something that liberals have railed against for as long as anyone can remember.

The real irony to the Gillibrand tale is how she got the Senate seat in the first place. This was the seat vacated by Hillary Clinton when she became Secretary of State. The seat was designed to go to Caroline Kennedy. This would put the Kennedy family back in the Senate representing New York after the murder of Robert Kennedy. And Ted Kennedy was getting old and died that year. This seat, now owned by Hillasry, was, in fact, Bobby Kennedy’s exact same seat. So there was some symbolism here.

Caroline made the mistake of supporting Obama in 2008 against Hillary Clinton, and this did not sit well with Hillary. Supposedly her pal, dirty-trickster Sidney Blumenthal was given the chore of smearing Caroline Kennedy with a rumor that she was having an affair. This took Kennedy out of contention and opened the door for Hillary protege and Democratic Congresswoman Kirsten Gillibrand. And indeed, Gillibrand was appointed to take the Senate seat by then NY Governor and Hillary ally David Paterson.

Gillibrand would return the favor by obfuscating any investigation of Benghazi in later years. The irony here, of course, is that the high-and-mighty Gillibrand got ahead only after and because another woman was smeared by scurrilous rumors of sexual misconduct that were never found to be true.

Gillibrand is a leading Democratic party contender to be nominated for President in 2020.
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