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Sunday, December 24, 2017

No Agenda-The Saturday Memo

If you want real analysis based on research and digging deeper into a story,No Agenda is your show. To keep it alive please support No Agenda any way you can. There are excellent ideas on the support page here.
Dear Producer,
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Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and in keeping with our no-reruns policy on the No Agenda Show you’ll be getting the first in a series of “Let Them Talk” interviewswith incredibly interesting and accomplished people who, when appearing on TV or radio, are never allowed to just talk. There are normally commercials and interruptions and ‘we are out of time” limitations. This is not the case with your listener supported commercial-free No Agenda Show.
Tomorrows guest is the accomplished and controversial Steve Pieczenik who has befriended Adam over the past year or so. This means you’ll hear a fascinating interview that will be two friends talking about the state of the world.

Pieczenik reveals some of the oddest and most interesting pieces of information you will hear anywhere. You will not regret spending the time listening to this show. It is also scheduled to stream prerecorded as usual at the normal time.
No Agenda has scheduled two more live shows after this. Then we begin 2018. The show does need your continuing support with a subscription or any random contribution. Click here for that. See below for the main subscriptions.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone!
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Happy Holidays
If Jesus was born now.
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