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Friday, December 22, 2017

#Survivor I DieHard Survivor Fan-Possibly No Longer!

I'm sitting here watching the finale of Survivor.. Seventeen years I have been watching this and, as a Canadian, I continue to complain that this really isn't a Survivor series of who can outwit, outlast and outplay by means of truly being a survivor. Yes I understand it is a social game as well and I know I will get a lot of hate from those women out there, but the truth is, out of all these seasons (and at this point they are about to make fire so I don't even know who will win) but there have really only been a few seasons where the winner was in all fairness "the survivor"..

Chrissy, albeit, won 4 immunity idols and so yes, she deserves to be there, but wait a minute.. for 4 previous episodes, none of the remaining people see how powerful she is?  Especially when Chrissy is stating how she wanted to be the last girl there.. umm yeah, of course she does!

So the fire making is about to happen.. Ben, the true survivor, a Marine, deserves this but of course if he can't make fire then sure, he doesn't deserve to be there.. since Ryan gets a golden ticket to the finale without doing anything.. literally all season!  Karma though, since he did get that initial power play and actually gave it to Chrissy who would have been going home first..

So I will post this now and watch the end and if Chrissy does in fact end up winning the game, as I have said for a few seasons most recently--I will NOT watch it anymore.. so frustrating!  If they are going to put together a real survivor series they need to make it for real survivors!


So Ben wins the fire challenge.. as he should.. heck, he's a Marine and he is living up to what you would think a Marine can do.. But of course it is still all about Chrissy.. She is a Mom and she has 4 wins.. Girl power!  Yeah.. I'm all for it.. but seriously lets look back at the winners of Survivor and how many Women have won the game.. not bad right!  So if you look at it that way and want to compare where Chrissy should fit comparing those others.. that is, if she wins... sorry, I'm not there yet.. if you haven't figured it out, I'm hoping a real survivor--Ben wins this thing!

[The Questions]


Chrissy cuts in because she wasn't getting any love.. they don't even care about her at this point. The jury are wanting to know about Ben's social game.. he was a Marine and has what most people that return from war have, PTSD but in all fairness, he has done a very good job of being as social as possible.. up until they all went against him and he was on his own.. so what are you supposed to do.  He is owning up on all of this.  Ryan is continually saying he was the puppet master.. pathetic.

Ashley saying Chrissy is a genius .. really?  So now Chrissy continues on even though they really don't seem to care.  Thankfully the jury has had enough of Ryan and Chrissy's he said-she said...


Yes, Chrissy won many immunities and Ben found many idols.. Ryan--not so much.. he's a fast talker!  Sorry Ryan, the jury is not on your side in this category :-)

Ashley making the female comments once again and Chrissy patting herself on the back figuring it was time for her to speak.. why are they allowing this? It is all about HER.. yeah yeah you are so great Chrissy.. The fact that the jury recognizes Chrissy continues to win (yet nobody thinks to see her as a threat and send her out).. this is where I think the game sucks..

Great question from the Jury.. asking why they allowed Ben to go looking for the idol.. they shouldn't have but they did.. again, these other people do not DESERVE to be there!!!


The last chance these people get to say something to the jury.. Ryan of course talking fast and making up whatever he can.. his name was never on the chopping block because he was a floater and didn't do anything. He is the classic floater.. the question from the jury, "what did you learn being out here Ryan?"   He brings up when his Dad came out and having family... huh? how does that have to do with outlasting?

Ben says how the jury were hurdles and they were threats (as any Marine would).. Dr.Mike saying how great Ben is and why he should win... the jury needs more... Ben's response.. Chrissy states he was a dictator but he proved he could make it this far even with PTSD.  You don't have to have a completely perfect social game to make it this far!  Chrissy making the play by rubbing his shoulder..
Chrissy's turn.. she is awesome and she knows it.. at least that is what she is telling everyone.. OMG this player is the best player ever to play.. she is a Mom and she puts herself first for her kids.. Mom's are heroes and hustlers and well, everything.. she has been trying to get on the show for 16 years.. so this year she should win because we can all be proud of her... um yeah...

So.. now the vote... and yes, this is where I typically want to throw something at the TV when the results are in...

The results are next.. Jeff decides to pick a girl in the audience and see what she would vote.. my guess is she is voting for 'girl power'.. gee ya think?

Desi.. my money is on Chrissy
Lauren-voted for Ben.. as I figured she would
Devon votes for Ryan.. probably the one and only vote--a throw away vote in my opinion
Ashley--Shocker.. NOT---she votes for girl power!
I'm sorry but this girl (Chrissy) is NOT what I want my daughter (if I were to have one) to be as a role model!  Sure I don't know this girl other than the way that the Survivor show has edited it for her but seriously..

The Final Three--The Vote:

My opinion--Chrissy.. looks like a Million Bucks.. polished teeth and a dress that probably costs $500 plus.. she already thinks she has it in the bag.. so does she?

Ben, Ryan, Chrissy, (note the votes will always be as even as possible)
Chrissy, Ben, (tied again)
Ben one vote left

Yes, there is a reason to watch Survivor after all... this proves it isn't actually rigged and yes, after 17 years, without having to have a "comeback season", the right person won the game!