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Thursday, December 28, 2017

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No Agenda Thursday Show

Adam is back. The show goes on.

Dear Producers,
Your No Agenda Show returns live tomorrow after Adam’s successful and well-received interview with Steve Pieczenik. There is a lot of effort put into these specials that are produced to keep you informed and entertained.

Tomorrow’s show returns to the normal news cycle and we hope you can appreciate what we are doing and ask you for an end-of-the-year contribution of any amount. The Holiday season continues through New Years day next MondayHelp the show by clicking here and contributing whatever you can afford. Everything helps.
No Agenda remains the best and often the only source of accurate and logical news analysis. No Agenda works for you. It makes sense of things that otherwise make no sense.

A case in point is the recent Politico article about the annual Gallup survey done to isolate the most admired men and women of 2017. Obama won and Trump came in second ahead of the Pope, Bernie sanders, Elon Musk, Jeff bezos and others.

So No Agenda asks: how can Trump be so unpopular with his approval ratings and other factors (most hated candidate along with Hillary) and then be second in the most-admired poll? Politico slants the article to indicate that Trump should have beaten Obama and because he did not he is equated with Nixon and Truman as losers in this regard.
In that same issue Politico runs down the major predictions about Trump including all the ones about how he was going to resign made by people who had it “on good authority.”

The news provided to you by any level of the mainstream media is pathetic. And this is why you need No Agenda in your life. So please support your show in any way you can. Click here.

And celebrate 2018 with a monthly subscription of $20.18. It is now is officially available. This is something everyone should get.

And we all hope that you had a fabulous and memorable Christmas.
John C Dvorak & Adam Curry
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