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Wednesday, November 21, 2018

No Agenda Newsletter

No Agenda Newsletter

Show 1088
Thanksgiving Day Show

Too Much Insane News, Too Little Time
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Dear Producer,
Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and unlike many media outlets, we won’t be taking a day off or putting in the substitutes to practice. You get a full Thanksgiving Show.

This is because, as you know, the news cycle has not relented since the mid-term elections. The fighting over Nancy Pelosi’s seat, the fallout from chopping up Khashoggi, a new almost carbon copy of the romaine lettuce scare, Facebook under increased fire from media outlets realizing that Facebook is eating their lunch, the contentious move of Amazon into liberal NYC, the stock market woes, the hating on Ivanka Trump, the fear that black Friday will be grim, and on and on.

Thanksgiving is always a slow support day for the show so please contribute today if you have not already. Anything you can afford will help us get through this holiday and the donation challenged Sunday that follows. Click here.
As each day passes, only No Agenda has kept its promise to provide you with over 24 hours every month of news deconstruction that helps you make sense of what you are being told. There are a lot of theories why the MSM as a whole hates the President and seems to dislike the two party system of government preferring a one-party rule like that which exists in California and New York. If the public wants that, then the public should decide on their own and not be tricked with sketchy slanted news designed to hate one group over the favored other.
John C. Dvorak & Adam Curry
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Some Old Images for Thanksgiving
Before dogs were a thing
This bird would just as soon take out her eye
Yes, I'm staying until things pick up.
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I am NOT a turkey
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