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Wednesday, November 28, 2018

No Agenda Newsletter

No Agenda Newsletter

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Tomorrow’s Show will highlight the sudden change in mood as the election mania makes way for the holiday mania and casual references to Festivus. You can be sure that you will hear a discussion of the faux email scandal with Ivanka Trump getting flack from the MSM.
Clinton machine at work. And she never actually said, "Don't lock me up."
Meanwhile, things are heating up in Crimea with a new Ukrainian crises that is not adequately covered by the US media which is obsessed with Trump hi-jinks.

And the Bank of England is preparing for a crash of the British pound sterlingof 25-percent if the Brexit deal is a botch. Good time for American tourists. There will also be a deluge of UK exports if that happens. You’ll only hear about it on No Agenda.
And you’ve been witnessing a barrage of attacks on Facebook. Are any warranted? You’ll find out on No Agenda tomorrow.
John C. Dvorak & Adam Curry
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Dvorak Archive of War Propaganda
How WWI morphs into WWII
WWI Poster art invites Photoshop editing
Well put.
Despite a late entry into WWI, the USA produced more posters than ny participant -- by a lot
The "Y" was a huge supporter of WWI and it was referenced in a lot of posters
Whatever you say.
Not sure about the double-entendre
By the end of the second World War, these "Victory" girls were described as disease carrying sluts out to ruin the country.
The post WWII theme was changed dramatically as the fear of Syphilis ravaged the society. There was no real cure for the disease until the discovery of penicillin.

Turning the once wholesome WWI Victory girls into wanton whores was inexcusable.
The good old days.
Poetic. Mercury was a horrible treatment.
Apparently this sort of meme has been around forever.
And to top things off, let's insult ALL the troops coming back from Europe.
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