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Saturday, November 24, 2018

No Agenda-The Saturday Memo

The No Agenda Promise
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Dear Producer,
Tomorrow is the day, if you have followed No Agenda in any way whatsoever, that marks the show’s odd  dedication to the number 33. This number, 33, shows up as a code word for apparent hoaxes or perhaps signals to some people to pay attention to stories or situations tagged with the number 33 within the story.

Nobody has adequately explained this magic number’s presence in the news or its official use or meaning.

Adam used to do a segment in the show highlighting these 33 “signals,” but the segment got to be so long it was abandoned.

Tomorrow’s No Agenda Show is 33-squared. 33x33 = 1089.

This is a big deal for the show and offers a number of lucky donation possibilities. Here are a few ideas for you:

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The Magic NUMBER!
Tomorrow’s show 
On tomorrow’s show we will continue the battle against propaganda now targeting the US citizenry and the world community as well as its fallout.

The big new event, though, is the Black Friday madness which turns the USA into a giant party with all the elements of a good time USA style including fistfights and shootings. When did this phenomenon begin? You will find out.
In fact, the future of the economy is beginning to rest on the success of this party. Did people spend enough money? Did thematic FREE SHIPPING do its job?
You’ll love tomorrow’s show. In the meantime, realize how important this show is to your well-being and help support it with a contribution of any amount by clicking here..Celebrate 33-squared. It is no coincidence that this day appeared on the biggest holiday shopping weekend. Think about it.
Your co-host,

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Random Pick Ups for the Week
James Buchanan, the 15th President of the USA, was considered by many to be the first President who was gay. This differs in meaning than the first gay President largely because the term gay was not in vogue and nobody cared. He did sport this idiotic Mohawk hairdo until he went bald.
Calvin Coolidge, who saw nothing wrong with wearing this head dress, which was given to him by a tribe. It would sell for a lot in today's auction market.
This was not a one-shot but an ongoing and long forgotten comic book series. This cover was number 105.
Go deep.
Part One
Part Two
Not something you want to see headed your way.
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