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Saturday, November 17, 2018

No Agenda-The Saturday Memo

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Tomorrow’s show 
Adam will be in the EU with more reports on the conditions in middle Europe. News, weather and no sports.

Meanwhile, a bunch of the Journalism schools across the country, in a joint letter led by the University of California in Berkeley, condemned the pulling of the press pass of Jim Acosta, This was an artificial protest since nobody really cares about Jim Acosta or his press pass. But what caught my attention was the nomenclature for the City of New York’s J-School. It’s called the “Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism.”

The irony is over the moon. Newmark probably did more damage to the newspaper industry than any one person with his Craigslist free classifieds. How about the Heinrich Himmler Institute for Public relations?
Deconstructing the portrayal of Sarah Sanders
The bias from the news outlets is very evident from the outrageous portrayals (shown below) of Sarah Huckabee Sanders. I’ve never put a collection together like this and was surprised by the mean-spirited angle of the arts in general. Most based their portrayal on the Trump rotation meme of lying. In some cases you will see a certain self-righteousness that is unhinged.
You’ll see the various attempts to capture the woman’s facial characteristics in an editorial cartoonist manner. Most are cruder than you’d hope as good editorial cartoonists are dying out as a breed as newspapers cannot afford them anymore. The few that are left rely on syndication for income.
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The Sarah Huckabee Sanders Collection
This is probably a good example of the dark version of Sanders. Head to the side, mouth to the right and big Jeff Bezos left eyeball. The theme of most of these cartoon is about lying without any real examples, just the assertion.
Poor execution all  around. Same theme.
Good caricatures both. Alt theme.Taylor Jones is generally outstanding at capturing the key elements. He may be the best working today. The Jeff Sessions is priceless.
Gets the point across, uses eyeball as key element. Same theme.
A modern editorial cartoon style reminiscent of 1950's advertising art. Same theme with a twist. Uses sneer to left as a point of comic identification.
Jim Carrey, now celebrated for his Trump hate, stays the course with the same theme and a mean-spirited drawing.
Uses the mouth sneer as an element. No variety of art but creativity overall with the unusual message. Not relying on the same lying meme.
Nicely structured carton. But fails to use any exaggerations such as eye make-up, sneer, uplifted eyebrow, big eye or wandering eye. It does work though and we know who this is. The attention is thus drawn to the figures in the background.
Here, the lying point is better made with authoritarian imagery. This cartoon and a nearby essay condemning Sander's figure resulted in apologies from the LA Times for "body shaming." Someone who collected this on the net added a creepy comment.
Probably the worst of the body shaming cartoons. Pointless and unfunny.
This was an entry in a student competition. The elements make it apparent who this is.
Another variation of the lying theme done with a creative twist.

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