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Thursday, January 10, 2019

No Agenda Newsletter


No Agenda Newsletter

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Build a Cheap Wall

Rob Reiner Tweets.
Dear Producer,
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pics of Nancy and Chuck
Meanwhile, the government is under constant attack
by the media and the Democrats.

At some point you have to take Trump out of the equation and just say the government because many (if not all) of Trump’s ideas are not original and have been suggested by both the media and the opposition before he arrived. But no matter. What we must understand is why the ongoing attacks.

Is it just form over substance whereby the critics think Trump is a doofus or sickening and worth ridiculing all the time or like Rob Reiner’s Trump-centric Twitter account solely focused on condemning the President tweet after tweet after tweet representing targeted harassment the likes of which Twitter has never seen, but must secretly applaud.
I thought Iceland was the oldest Democracy and we're a Republic.
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This goes on for days...ok just a few more and we are done.
last rener tweets
Enough already.
There is a good movie about Brexit, targeting the British and which will appear in the USA and around the world on HBO later this month. Called BREXIT: the Uncivil War, it is open to a lot of interpretation but it does highlight the idea that the general public has been taken down a path of Internationalism to benefit the mercantile class and nobody else.

This is expressed by both the left and the right. During the American election of 2016, most of you noticed that the message of Bernie Sanders and Trump were similar.The establishment wanted Hillary who represented the professional classes and the banks which had taken over the culture.
AOC laughing
Ask yourself in what world, exactly, does a bank like Wells-Fargo stay in business and thrive after scamming its own customers on a massive scale? It’s phenomenal. No Agenda highlights many of these crazy cultural changes and in the process promotes nation-state sovereignty, not one world government and not borderless mock utopias. How does diversity even exist when the goal is to make everyone the same: a world citizen?
no borders folk
The problem is that the big boys have gotten so wealthy and full of themselvesthat they agree that this globalism is the way to go. That’s now includes Silicon Valley and the big media companies who see profit coming from China. Only No Agenda a very few other observers see through the delusional smokescreen.

Does that mean anything to you? It should.
There is a lot of this going on too.
Hey! Where is the Union bug on that sign??
John C. Dvorak & Adam Curry
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As bad as Reiner. Needs investigating.
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