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Sunday, January 27, 2019

No Agenda-The Saturday Memo

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Tomorrow’s show is going to be dynamite with all the new Roger Stone action as well as the predicted end of the government shutdown with headline after headline about how Donald Trump “caved” and Pelosi somehow beat him. Is this some sort of weird competition as the media reports it? The results were not reported as good or bad for the country, it was reported as Trump caving to Pelosi.
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Also, a further deconstruction of the operation in Venezuela and how Bernie Sanders has come out in support of Maduro. What will that mean in the near term?
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In other related news it appears as if Melania Trump won the grand prize against the London Daily Telegraph over its poor reporting on her that turned out to be a pack of lies. She won a “substantial” settlement. What’s of interest is that the Telegraph is one of the “Conservative” news outlets where you’d expect less Trump-slamming, not more.
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In most of the coverage of this there is mention of an earlier lawsuit by Melania of conspiracy theory icon Webster Tarpley. He also lost a defamation suit against her for his claim that she was a former “escort.”

He was forced to say he made it up and then pay her lots of money. The NA Show used to get many of notes from producers urging us to listen to this guy. That sort of thing ended after that lawsuit.

Thank goodness.
There is a lot to discuss tomorrow. Make sure to listen in.

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Extreme Tweets -- Tells You A Lot
PLUS online weirdness
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These new standards of decorum will now forever be with us.
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Seems like these butt slams are gratuitous if not desperate.
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Long after this story about the smirking kid was debunked VOX continued to run this teaser
Kara vs James Woods
Social media suckers yet one more writer who should know better by now.
Social media screws with everyone. Now this guy .
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From 1916. Think about that for a minute.
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