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Sunday, January 6, 2019

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Tomorrow’s show has a lot of intrigue with the media hounding Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for one thing or another including dancing on the roof of a NYC building. Apparently, the new face of politics will include goofball antics.
AOC in Boston garb
The real scandal of this woman is being ignored by the media and especially by the New Yorkers who love her inhibition and moxie. She is wearing a BOSTON sweatshirt and BOSTON colors! How is this acceptable behavior?
There are also the bowling alley shootings and the new International spy capture that is a book in itself. The government shutdown is still going on and the new comment that “it could go on for years” seems to have everyone in a tizzy.

And you will learn about the massive German hack and well as an update on the China Lunar Rover that is exploring the backside of the moon. Oh, yes, this under reported science news is largely ignored by the American Mainstream media. Luckily. No Agenda is covering it.
picture of Chinese Lunar Rover
Chinese Lunar Rover. Who took this picture?
These are the sort of things that your No Agenda Show can cover and analyze with surprising conclusions you will hear no place else.

Also, what I learned from yesterday’s flash meet up in Berkeley.

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