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Wednesday, May 1, 2019

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No Agenda Newsletter

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May Day News

Workers of the World Ignite!
Dear Producer,
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Today is May Day, one of the few traditional event days that gets little attention from Americans because it was associated with Stalinist Russia for too long. Over the years No Agenda has noticed that a lot of six-week cycle events happen around this date. So we celebrate May Day every year with a simple and affordable $51 donation adding the year to make it $51.19  5-1-19). Click here.
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Lenin exhorting the workers.
Who cares what Stalin did, Mayday used to be a kid's day to celebrate spring. In 1886 it became International Workers Day which is how it became a symbol of communism which extols the worker. It doesn’t pay them well, but it does extol them.
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In fact, Mayday stems from the early Celtic culture and was called Beltane. It celebrated the beginning of a new season. Time to have fun then plant seeds.
Soviet bosses
For No Agenda it means a time of year when the show can get back on track after the tax season. This year also means a struggle to find important news in a cloud of Barr-Mueller nonsense and petty Democrat candidate bickering. You can be sure your No Agenda Show will see through the smoke and mirrors.

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John C. Dvorak & Adam Curry
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For a short time there was a mix up between the WWE and the WWF
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