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Wednesday, May 8, 2019

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No Agenda Newsletter

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Long Forgotten VE Day Today

They Named the Baby "Archie?"
Dear Producer,
Today is VE Day, commemorating the end of WWII in Europe. It’s also No Socks Day, invented by Actor Thomas Roy and included in the Chase’s Calendar of Events as a filler.  It “steps” on VE day. Then comes Europe Day tomorrow on show day as we head to Mother’s Day on Sunday.

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Picture of Newspapers
Tomorrow’s show discusses the announced name of the baby boy of Harry and Meghan, They Named the Baby Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor. You will hear about the rigmarole surrounding his naming announcement with an actual town crier as shown below. Curiously this announcement included a “God bless America” proclamation.
picture of town crier
Jerry Nadler is spitting mad over his inability to get the whole unredacted Mueller report released. Trump crushed his efforts by using executive privilege. As this is written Nadler is attempting to hold William Barr in contempt. Since Mueller is supposed to testify soon, you’d think these show boaters would wait until he’s gone through the wringer.
Jerry Nadler
Nadler. What's with the cheesy Casio wristwatch?
Meanwhile, in both the USA and Canada, the Democrats in the USA and the Liberals in Canada have determined that the number one focus for any upcoming elections is now Climate Change. It has moved ahead of health care and is running rampant. The insanity of this has permeated a number of the Democratic campaigns for the presidential nominations including that of Elizabeth Warren.
Liz Warren pic
Those promoting this, with few exceptions are the one who eschew Nuclear Power which has zero CO2 emissions. And to exaggerate the problem the pollsters and analysts have determined that the phrase “climate crises” is more effective than global warming or climate change, so look for that little gem to crop up.
climate change chart
Knowing that the Global warming folks stem from the population control advocates who said we'd all be dead by the year 2000, this CBC chart shows the underlying goal of Climate Change mania.
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John C. Dvorak & Adam Curry
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