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Wednesday, May 22, 2019

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No Agenda Newsletter

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First Post Wedding Show

UK Marches Towards  Doom
Dear Producer,
Last Sunday Adam married Tina in Austin and we continue the celebration of their wedding with the lucky budget wedding donation of $51.91 to the No Agenda Show.

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photo of the wedding
Bride and Groom wait as Tina's daughter reads a tribute. The expected condemnation of Donald Trump was left out.
The Wedding went off smoothly and curiously on time with friends and family in attendance. Since Google considers too many pictures in a newsletter to be spam, here are only a couple of pics. When a website of pics appears, the newsletter will link to it.
The Sunday show consisted of two special interviews both of which were well received.

A lot of people do not realize that doing interviews and then producing them like thatactually takes longer than doing a show. Hopefully, it’s worth the effort.
It does mean tomorrow’s show will be packed with a week’s worth of news analysis as well as tales from the wedding. This will include the sudden panic in the Democrat camp over going through with impeaching Donald Trump.

All the leadership knows that this would be a bad idea as it would indicate that Hillary supporters are still butt hurt and are obsessed. 

And this is not nearly as bad as the happenings in the UK where there is a steady march towards a Bexit revote and Teresa May might not even be in office by show timetomorrow.
teresa may photo
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John C. Dvorak & Adam Curry
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Pix of the Week
puppy and kitten
Cute pic to make you feel sentimental about the wedding
and happiness for the No Agenda Show.

(It is believed that both these animals may actually be stuffed.)
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