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Saturday, June 1, 2019

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Julian Assange Targeted

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The plot thickens with the Julian Assange case as he is now reported as ill and in some hospital facility. An excellent run down of all the bogus charges and underhanded nonsense can be found in this fascinating article.

Did you know there were never any rape charges against him? Two women in Sweden got wind of the fact that Assange has sex with the both of them and they wanted him to take an HIV test. This was twisted into the phony rape charges to extradite him to Sweden then to the USA on espionage charges despite the fact that he is not an American.

Here are two tidbits from the article:
* Australia not only refused Assange, a citizen, any help during his long ordeal, but prime minister Julia Gillard even threatened to strip Assange of his citizenship, until it was pointed out that it would be illegal for Australia to do so.

* Britain, meanwhile, not only surrounded the embassy with a large police force at great public expense, but William Hague, the foreign secretary, threatened to tear up the Vienna Convention, violating Ecuador’s diplomatic territory by sending UK police into the embassy to arrest Assange.
The whole affair is creepy.
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