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Saturday, June 29, 2019

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Oh Canada!
It's Canada Day
Dear Producer,
In 1776 today, the city of San Francisco was founded. Famous for its bridges, hills and scenic views. It is now most famous for its poop map and homelessness.

More importantly we get to leave the miserable month of June by celebrating Canada Day on July 1st. It's the semi-equivalent day to the USA 4th of July. Canada Day celebrates the incorporation of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and the then Province of Canada in 1867 to make “Canada.”

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Tomorrow’s show re-hashes the second Democrat debate with the heavy-hitters. I have compiled a scorecard with mini-reviews of the winners and losers especially for the newsletter readers here.
Kamala Harris made points in the debate but quickly lost them by releasing a “That little girl was me” t-shirt which is seen as bad form and perhaps piling on.

The fact is that her complaints about how she was adversely affected by 1977 era school busing or lack thereof in Berkeley was incredibly disingenuous. And you’ll hear a discussion tomorrow largely based on the fact that I personally lived in the area at the time she was “that little girl.” Spoiler alert: it’s baloney. At least one newspaper in California revealed the fact that the schools were already desegregated in Berkeley by the time of forced busing. Read here.
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Brexit, meanwhile, rages on and there is a new campaign to smear Jeremy Corbin as Parliamentary elections loom. Fun all around.
Jeremy Corbin
With Photoshop this picture invites vandalism.
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John C. Dvorak
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