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Saturday, June 8, 2019

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With all the anti-sex laws in Georgia, this goes through?
Reminder, your No Agenda Show is all about bringing you detailed news analysis that makes sense and often wanders into minutia and details that are commonly unexplored by other news sources. This is largely because most commercial news outlets – which is nearly all of them – are bound by conditions put upon them by their ownership and their sponsors. These conditions require that anything discussed cannot and will not harm the namby-pamby brand or a corporations reputation.

You heard this discussed as an issue in great detail on show 1144 last Thursday.
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Sometimes the protected reputation is not even a part of public perception. It could be merely within the social sphere of those involved. In other words, you are part of Fox TV but your social circle is Hollywood elites or the New York fashionista scene. You’ll get a lot of grief from the butt-hurt community and probably try to make amends. That is obviously what is going on with Fox News as it "evolves" its coverage.

Peer pressure is intense within the media as you’ve heard. And this pressure extends everywhere making it impossible to do serious news analysis and expect support from any large corporation or advertiser or editor.  As Adam pointed out on the last show, just look at Tucker Carlson’s advertisers. They are mostly bottom rung hopefuls. And he does not do the kind of work done by No Agenda
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