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Saturday, June 15, 2019

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Father's Day Show

Space Aliens Are Back
Dear Producer,
Tomorrow is the annual Father’s Day No Agenda Show with tributes to father’s young and old and tributes to father’s who have passed. If you love No Agenda wish a Happy Father’s Day with a Father’s Day donation of any amount by clicking here. Every penny helps and shows your support.
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For some reason over the past two weeks there have been no checks received by the show over $50 and few checks in general, which is weird. Note to you dislike PayPal and cannot use PopMoney, you can send a hand written check to the show (how quaint) made out to the No Agenda Show and mailed to Box 338, El Cerrito CA 94530.
The upside is that you can also send in a note and practice your longhand (cursive) writing. A bonus.
Tomorrow’s show will be fascinating with Trump having been briefed on the Navy UFO (what movies is coming out?) story and perhaps UFO’s in general. Time to revisit Philip Corso?
Space Alien
 Also, it looks as if the woman running Hong Kong is backing down on the idiotic extradition bill as all hell is breaking loose there. There is lots of news and your No Agenda Show will do the best job of breaking it down for you.
hong kong riots
The Hong Kong Business community cannot be happy with this going on.
This means your support is needed more than ever. Click here to support the show with a donation of any amount.
John C. Dvorak
PS Adam will be doing the show from Ireland tomorrow with an EU report.
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