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Wednesday, August 3, 2022

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Pelosi versus China?

Army versus Burn Pits?!?
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Tomorrow's Show
There has to be discussion about Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan that got everyone, especially the mainland Chinese government, bent out of shape to the point where they initiated war exercises in and around the island, thus wasting millions of dollars.

Perhaps this is a US strategy to bankrupt China.

It was interesting to see who was on which side of the “Should Nancy go to Taiwan?” question. Foremost among the “Don’t go!” crowd was the US Military itself.
Nancy Pelosi
Where's Waldo?
Burn Pits
While talking about the US Military. Here is a problem brought to the fore only recently and now legislation has been passed to make sure that military personnel are compensated for the damages caused by what amounts to open burning within range or within a military base of actual hazardous waste from plastics, to circuit boards, bottle of bleach, garbage, overcooked chicken, cans of paint, solvents, etc.

From the Wikipedia:

Joint Base Balad (JBB), the largest U.S. base in Iraq had a burn pit operation as late as the summer of 2008, burning 147 tons of waste per day when the Army Times published a major story about it and related health concerns. The burn pit at JBB was 10-acres and the waste produced by each person assigned to JBB is estimated to be between 3.6 and 4.5 kg of waste per day. An Air Force spokesman speaking for the 609th Combined Air and Space Operations Center Southwest Asia vigorously contested allegations of health effects and emphasized mitigation efforts. In Afghanistan, at its peak, more than 400 tons of waste was disposed using burn pits daily.

400 tons daily? Of what? While the military is all up in your face about forced vaccines and even global warming. This is going on.
Burn pit
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