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Saturday, August 13, 2022

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Trump Mania!

What's in a Fatwa, Anyway?
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Tomorrow's Show
The F.B.I. has pumped new life into the Trump campaign by raiding his Mar-a-Lago home to obtain some documents that they themselves had locked in a room some months back. Exactly why this was done can only be fully understood once the contents of a support affidavit are made public, if ever. In the affidavit, according to the observers, there was an “insider” telling tales of some sort that made the raid necessary.

One angle to this is to smear Trump if at a possible. The latest ploy is to accuse him of violating the Espionage Act, meaning he is selling state secrets to the enemy, meaning Russia. Oh, please what is this hang up with Russia? What secrets? Why? So he can build a Moscow hotel?

One thing for certain, the anti-Trump forces are not very creative.
Merrick Garland
Stabbing Rushdie
Author and speaker Salmon Rushdie was attacked in NYC and stabbed by an assailant who authorities  have taken forever to identify. This is because it is obviously an extremist that nobody has time for. We need to be looking instead at the Americans who use the Betsy Ross flag as “code” for “dangerous right-wing-nutball.” Keep an eye on them.

Now the media gave a lot of people the impression that the Iranian fatwa targeting Rushdie some 33 years ago (magic number noted) was lifted. Apparently this is not true and it was reemphasized in 2019.
Fatwa tweets
Fatwa tweet
These and other attention-getting stories have done a good job of taking the spotlight off of Hunter Biden’s laptop, Monkeypox, the miserable economy, gasoline prices, weapons sent to Ukraine to be transshipped elsewhere and even Nancy Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan. No Agenda will keep tabs on these stories for you too. Tomorrow will be a great and memorable show.
Fox News Hunter Biden story
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