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Thursday, August 11, 2022

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FBI Raids

Dear Producer,

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And now that the news cycle is picking up with the unprecedented massive armed FBI raid on the Trump Mar-a-Lago home purportedly to pick up some boxes of National Archives papers. This, once, again, means your best news analysis comes from your No Agenda Show. No corporate interference. No political agendas, no mediocre meme and talking point riddled ex-intelligence “analysis.” This is the No Agenda Show. And it only works because of your direct support. Click here for the open-ended value for value donation.

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Tomorrow’s Show -- Crossing the Boobicon
The Raid on the Trump residence is indeed unprecedented and done right in the middle of the flailing Jan Six Kangaroo Court proceeding. It looks so suspicious and idiotic that the left wing talk shows on MSNBC and CNN are themselves flabbergasted  and are nervously falling back on incredible bromides such as “well, nobody is above the law.”

The weirdest of ironies is expressed on all the left wing shows. “This helps Trump in 2024” they all say without even pretending to notice the irony of this comment.

The right wing TV shows, on the other hand, are all aghast using the phrase that this is “crossing the Rubicon.” It’s hard to say who said this first but it’s now in full bloom. “Crossing the Rubicon, Crossing the Rubicon, Crossing the Rubicon.” This refers to an event in 49 B.C. Can we be more arcane?

In essence Crossing the Rubicon symbolically means passing the point of no return. In this case it means what? No return to what, exactly?

Your No Agenda Show has it’s own analysis of these events and based solely on media report deconstruction. You will hear a realistic analysis and one that is not simplistic nonsense. This is why you should make a point to support the No Agenda Show. It’s like nothing else out there. And the conclusions you will hear are nowhere to be found until they are lifted by others from No Agenda. Listen tomorrow, you’ll hear for yourself.
Shot one MSBNC Chyron
Ex-FBI MSNBC contributor bitches that the agency does no like the word "Raid."
Shot two MSNBc Chyon
MSNBC fixes wordage in real -time.
BTW, the is what a vasectomy can look like.
There is important and continuing apolitical news around the world and in the United States as the Ukraine war continues with falling coverage…the farmers strikes in Holland affecting the Farmers in France…the American spending bills throwing money away…and everyone ever so happy that inflation that year-to-year inflation was ONLY up 8.5%. Insanity reigns. Also look for a good vaccine report.

We cover it all for you.
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John C. Dvorak
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