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Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Tuesday Technology News and More...

Technology News and More...

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40 years ago, Commodore released the Commodore 64 home computer, which set sales records, shook the American video game industry to its core, and introduced programming to a generation of kids around the world. Here’s why it was special. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

Surgeons say space-age technology helped doctors in separate countries to work together.

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If J ohn Oliver is doing a piece about something, you know there's probably going to be something deeply wrong with it — and sure enough, in the last episode of Last Week Tonight , U.S. mental health care proves to be no exception. Oliver starts by laying out the scale of the problem, explaining that "about four in 10 adults in the U.S. have reported symptoms of anxiety of depressive disorder" du

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Three big hunks of space junk have been found in rural Australia, suspected to be detritus from a SpaceX mission launched in 2020. Now it's time for the less exciting part of space exploration: the cleanup. The unidentified fallen objects were found between July 14 and 25, scattered across the Snowy Mountains region of the state of New South Wales. The latest piece, discovered by sheep farmer Mic

In a bid to support creativity, Pinterest has very quietly launched a new collage-making app called Shuffles on the Apple App Store. Looking at the App Store description , Shuffles allows people to create collages by grabbing images from Pinterest’s “massive photo library” or adding pictures via their smartphone camera. The app features a few simple editing tools like resizing, rotating, and laye

Mukesh Ambani and Gautam Adani are set to compete in the world's second-largest internet market.

TL;DR: Lifetime access to StackSkills Unlimited is on sale for £81.15, saving you 93% on list price. You don’t have to be done learning when you leave school, and you don’t have to only learn what someone in front of you is available to teach. With StackSkills Unlimited, you can decide what you learn from a selection of thousands of online courses on a huge range of topics. For a limited time, li

We're two whole days into August already, Wordle fans! If the weather's got you feeling a bit sluggish and you're stuck on today's puzzle, we're here to help with some subtle clues that will make you remember that you do, in fact, know at least three more five-letter words. The answer to the August 2 Wordle, puzzle #409, can be found at the end of this article, or you can simply read on for a few

Sega plans to release a sequel to its Genesis Mini console, but it has some bad news for fans who are located in the U.S., and it has to do with shortages.

Nothing recently introduced its anticipated Phone (1) smartphone, and now sources claim that it is already working on a variant of the device.

Discord announced new measures to bring its Android app into parity with its iOS counterpart today. The changes will improve the app’s experience for Android, which has historically lagged behind the iPhone version of Discord . Discord says the app is now “rebuilt from the ground up” using React Native , a developer framework for making apps that work uniformly across platforms. Some of the chang

If you're in the habit of ignoring and dismissing Android smartphone updates when they arrive, you may be taking a big risk and missing out on features.

New York police must now comply with a public records request related to its use of facial recognition and other surveillance on protestors. A judge has ordered the New York Police Department to release documents pertaining to its monitoring of Black Lives Matters protests during the summer of 2020, requiring it to release 2,700 emails and other documents to the public or state why it fall"and/or

The trailers for She-Hulk: Attorney at Law have made it seem like Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk is the show’s second lead. He’s all over the marketing . And now, he’s driving the first clip released from the show too. But we have questions about all of this. Read more...

Enlarge / Transmission electron micrograph of poliovirus type 1. (credit: Getty | BSIP ) The vaccine-derived poliovirus that left an unvaccinated US resident with the country's first case of paralytic polio in nearly a decade has been genetically linked to spread in two other countries: the United Kingdom and Israel. Now that it has been detected in the US, health officials fear it has spread to

Xiaomi has taken the wraps off its new Mijia smart glasses, a wearable that puts two cameras on one's face alongside a tiny OLED display and battery.

Despite its many security features, tech-savvy car thieves who are particularly determined could potentially steal some Tesla EVs using a DIY gadget.

At a moment when education technology firms are stockpiling sensitive information on millions of school children, safeguards for student data have broken down.

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While all was quiet on DC’s San Diego Comic-Con front in regards to The Batman sequel and its Penguin series spin-off , star Colin Farrell recently told Entertainment Weekly he expects shooting to start on his straight-to-order series early next year. Unsurprisingly, he’d also be very open to returning to the role,… Read more...

Two Kenyan cabinet bosses have issued strong statements opposing an ultimatum handed down to Meta last week by the nation’s cohesion watchdog. The interior minister and minister for information, communication, and technology said separately that Kenya will take no action against Facebook ahead of next week’s national… Read more...

India's tigers roam across vast areas, so artificial intelligence is being developed to help track them.

Despite the company's commitment to decrease its carbon footprint, Amazon's emissions grew by 18 percent last year, according to the annual sustainability report it released today. While online shopping increased during the pandemic’s second year, the company also rapidly expanded its number of warehousing operations — faster than consumer demand could support. For the entirety of 2021, the compa

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Meta has allowed ads that include hate speech and calls for violence ahead of the country’s elections. But experts warn that a shutdown isn’t the answer.

Hello and welcome back to Equity , a podcast about the business of startups, where we unpack the numbers and nuance behind the headlines. Last week we said that you needed to pay attention to the public markets, and we weren’t kidding. It was a huge week for earnings — with notes from all over, including the ad market and cloud spend. But this week’s Monday show was more than just another entry i

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Opendoor has agreed to pay $62 million to settle charges by the Federal Trade Commission, which says the company’s claims that it helps people make more money by selling their house to the company rather than listing it on the open market were deceptive. For years, the real estate technology company has touted itself as using its pricing technology to provide “more accurate offers and lower costs

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Mass Extinction A new climate modeling study is offering an ominous glimpse into the future of pretty much every species on the planet, ScienceAlert reports . Scientists believe life on Earth's has been shaken by several mass extinction events over the last half a billion years or so. These events have most often followed sweeping periods of climate change, which has historically been triggered b

Welcome back to io9's monthly Nerd’s Watch, where we pare down the enormous lists of new films and television shows arriving on all your favorite streaming services into the sci-fi, fantasy, and horror titles we think you’ll like most. Read more...

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For the past year, one of the most powerful companies in adult entertainment has been weathering a lawsuit that claims it intentionally hosted and profited off of child porn. The suit accuses MindGeek, the parent company of Pornhub, of knowingly monetizing videos involving minors, as well as a variety of other non… Read more...

No, we did not have "Neo Geo as the first community development for Analogue Pocket" on our FPGA bingo board. (credit: Sam Machkovech) A major update to the portable, retro-minded Analogue Pocket gaming system landed on Friday, and its new "OpenFPGA" features are the highlight. Thanks to last week's "1.1" patch, anyone in the open source development community can build hardware-emulation "cores"

Enlarge In December 2020, a New York Times op-ed declared that Pornhub had a child porn problem. Subsequently, Visa temporarily suspended all business with Pornhub and other sites hosted by Pornhub owner MindGeek. At that time, a MindGeek employee confidentially claimed that this was MindGeek's worst fear—losing one of its major payment processors—and, therefore, it was unsurprising when MindGeek

To get a roundup of TechCrunch’s biggest and most important stories delivered to your inbox every day at 3 p.m. PDT, subscribe here . Monday is here, and we are excited to throw ourselves into another week of summertime tech news. Apropos summer — as the VCs stop answering their phones in favor of drinking elderflower lime martinis, playing pickleball, spelunking in the Bitcoin mines, and kite su

While you might think of the first cell phone as being from the 1990s, the STC Executel was a smart phone from 1984.

Netflix allows its customers to stream content directly in web browsers on PC and Mac, but you can only get max video quality in a couple of them.

These high-performance hyper cars are for the richest of the rich -- but their incredible specs and smooth features justify the price tag.

Right now one of Citi's transfer partners - Avianca LifeMiles - is offering a 25% bonus on Citi transfers through August 31. What's interesting is that this is LifeMiles making the offer - they want to encourage the transfers from Citi, so Citi pays them for the miles - rather than Citi making the offer. Continue reading ...

For venture investors, noise is ironically important. Wading through constant streams of capital-seeking founders and startup pitches may be the hardest part of the job, but it’s also imperative to the success of the same job. So, what happens if energy around entrepreneurship slows? As the downturn looms, are fewer founders going to take risks? According to Redpoint managing director Annie Kadav

Hello and welcome back to Max Q. Last week was the week of ambitious timelines. In this issue: A modest profile of one of the foremost experts of space propulsion Deep dive into the history of NASA’s Landsat News from Masten Space, Swarm and more P.S. Applications are closing soon for Startup Battlefield 200! Apply today to join Startup Battlefield 200 for the chance to exhibit your startup for f

Cybercriminals have found a new way to steal your Discord account using the npm open-source repository alongside a couple of malware variants. As reported by Kaspersky, which first spotted the campaign it dubbed LofyLife, the criminals have created four malicious packages that spread two different malware variants: Volt Stealer, and Lofy Stealer. These packages have been distributed through the r

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Stephanie Lucas, a California-based UX designer, was at home Saturday morning when she read Gizmodo’s investigation into dozens of companies selling data on millions of Americans labeled “actively pregnant” or “shopping for maternity products.” Read more...

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Researchers just studied the lensing of the oldest light we can see and discovered the oldest dark matter yet observed, surrounding 12-billion-year-old galaxies. Read more...

Eagle Eye The once mighty Great Salt Lake in Utah is now at its lowest level since records began in 1847, sitting at a measly 4,190 ft above sea level — that’s almost ten feet lower than the original recorded level, according to the US Geological Survey . Satellite images shared by the European Space Agency really drive home just how horrifyingly drastic the consequences of the lake's decline hav

BMW already offers two different versions of its i4 all-electric sedan in the US, but the automaker will add a third, more affordable variant to the mix starting next year. On Monday, BMW announced the 2023 i4 eDrive35 . The EV will start at $52,395 – with a $995 destination fee included – when it arrives in the US in the first quarter of 2023. As the entry-level model in BMW’s i4 line, the eDriv

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Some crypto critics like Vivaldi CEO Jon von Tetzchner have called the entire apparatus of crypto “ nothing more than a pyramid scheme .” It’s an easy claim when you cite the ever-growing number of scams in the crypto scene that have cost users over $1 billion since last year. Read more...

With the recent updates in iOS 15, the on-device Siri feature is surprisingly consistent at doing on-device tasks like setting timers, alarms, reminders, and calling people. In fact, placing calls is something that Siri has always been good at, and it does an equally good job for cellular calls or FaceTime calls. Now,… Read more...

If Pinterest is a bellwether of consumer spending, things are not looking up just yet. Still, investors in the social network rallied as Q2 revenue came in roughly in line with expectations and user declines were not as horrible as they thought. That’s not to say Pinterest’s earnings were good . Pinterest missed on earnings and delivered zero user growth in its most recent quarter, citing a combi

The fintech industry has made huge leaps forward in powering cashless and digital payments around the world. Nowadays, pretty much anywhere you are, from a village square to a big city, money flows through taps, swipes, and clicks of your cards, apps, and devices. Nearly everyone on the planet is carrying a digital wallet for everyday transactions. With e-commerce booming, consumers and businesse

U.S. regulators are seizing their moment during this ongoing crypto bear market to crack down on bad actors in the space as many investors are already souring on the asset class. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission charged 11 people today in connection with Forsage, a crypto project that raised over $300 million from “millions of retail investors worldwide,” the agency announced today . T

Fujitsu has quietly launched the world’s lightest laptop, but unfortunately it's only limited to Japan for now. The WU-X/G2 is part of the company’s Lifebook range and weighs a mere 634g without charger - about 22.4 ounces and just under 1.4 pounds. It means this business laptop is lighter than the Apple iPad Pro 12.9 tablet which weighs 682g. Size wise, it doesn't try any tricks; at 307 x 197 x

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New research measuring over 21 billion Facebook friendships seemingly confirms something you probably already inherently knew: having rich friends helps. Read more...

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Teens and young people do stupid things—you’ve done them, I’ve done them—but a new report from India is pushing the limits of our credulity. Allegedly, Indian youth are boiling flavored condoms and drinking the water to get high. If that sounds to you like a 2022 version of Tide Pods or “ pharm parties ,” you’re not… Read more...

Using Apple Pay might actually end up being a pleasant experience for users soon following rumors of a new update to the mobile payments service. Reports have claimed that Apple Pay will soon work on other browsers aside from the company's Safari platform, opening up the service to more users everywhere. The feature was uncovered by MacRumors contributor Steve Moser, who found Apple Pay worked wi

Curious about those cable machines in your gym? Just as we guided you through some of the best beginner-friendly exercises to do with kettlebells and with TRX style suspension trainers , today we’re taking a look at some of the best exercises you can do with a cable machine. Read more...

Cybersecurity researchers from Group-IB have spotted a major crypto scam campaign whose goal is to defraud people out of at least €250. That may not sound like a lot, but the attackers have employed more than 11,000 domains to carry out the scam, potentially netting huge returns. The premise is simple: the fraudsters created a fake investment platform where people can “invest” in different crypto

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Everyday it appears that we’re spiraling closer to the apocalypse . Today, that future seems a little closer than we thought as United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres warned today that humanity is “one misunderstanding, one miscalculation” away from being wiped off the face of the planet by a nuclear… Read more...

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Too Hot to Handle The European Space Agency is preparing to send an orbital spacecraft to Venus — a feat which will require some out-of-the-box thinking to survive the planet's grueling atmosphere. In a recent statement, the ESA described the stark difficulties facing its EnVision mission. Topping the list of challenges is our planetary neighbor's "hot, thick atmosphere," which is made up of carb

The best cheap drones allow you to get the thrill of controlling a high-speed airborne vehicle without completely emptying your wallet. We understand the word “cheap” is relative, so we’ve given ourselves a price cap of $200. Many of our recommendations fall well under $100, though. We were surprised at how many drones are offered in this price range given the technology required to make them, an

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It’s that time of year when Spirit Halloween stores begin popping up in formerly empty retail spaces—and the one-stop shop for all things spooky has another way to announce its arrival this year, thanks to Spirit Halloween: The Movie . Christopher Lloyd stars, and the first trailer has arrived. Read more...

The billionaire's SpaceX company hopes to provide an internet service from space.

How the International Space Station is helping to tackle deforestation

The social media platform pauses the rollout of new features after an online community backlash.

The companies are closely watched for signs of how people are spending as the economy slows.

From roller rinks to skyscrapers the addition of graphene could make concrete construction stronger.

With the apparent demise of Bolt Mobility, the divide between technology businesses and those that are merely tech-enabled is back at the forefront of our minds. Once a key point of discussion when the IPO market was alive , today we’re sifting through what is left of the micromobility sector, now freshly depopulated to a new local maximum. Not every great product makes for a good business. Renti

Twitter is testing a feature that lets you see how many times a user tweets per month. Reverse engineers spotted this in development about a month ago, but as of this morning, some Twitter users have shared that they have gained access to this feature. this new twitter feature where they tell you how many tweets you do per month is actually extremely rude imo — i, too,

There is no greater harbinger for summer’s end than the reemergence of back-to-school sales. And while your feelings towards this annual calendar event might be complicated, there’s no arguing that the less money spent on pens, markers, paper, folders, and notebooks—so many notebooks—the better. Read more...

Nashville is known for country music, honky-tonks and Tennessee whiskey . With a recent boom in tourism, Nashville is a must-visit American city for many. This first-class deal allows travelers to fly in style from New York City to Nashville. For select dates from November 2022 through February 2023, you can fly for as low as $358 round-trip. For more TPG news and deals delivered each morning to

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Good news for anyone who’d prefer tapping into Apple Pay for an online transaction: it might become available to use within browsers besides Apple’s Safari. MacRumors contributor, Steve Moser, discovered an Apple Pay button in both Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge in the latest iOS 16 beta, leading us to believe it… Read more...

Enlarge / It's quiet... too quiet... Over the weekend, players in the Destiny 2 community started to notice a game-breaking bug that could be activated just by sending in-game chat messages to other players. Bungie responded on Saturday by temporarily disabling all in-game chat while it investigates the issue. "The team is aware of the exploit right now that is causing some players to be kicked a

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Projekt Red, the video game studio that created Cyberpunk: 2077 , worked with anime titan Studio Trigger and Netflix to create Cyberpunk: Edgerunners . While Netflix’s recent Geeked Week had a sneak peek and a teaser trailer, we’re finally getting a look at a full-length trailer that explores the dystopian world of… Read more...

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The path to creative climate solutions is paved with the skeletons of a million startups, but Blue Frontier wants to be different. Blue Frontier is chasing the dream of cleaner air conditioning systems with its use of a concentrated salt solution, and results are so promising that the company just got a big check from… Read more...

A new leak claims to reveal the upcoming pre-order and release dates for Google's anticipated Pixel 7 series, and they're pretty much what you'd expect.

If you're still relying on this one indicator to show you your cell signal, you're doing it wrong. Here's the relatively simple way to do it right.

Many people have been left confused as Usain Bolt's scooter company has seemingly vanished without a word, leaving dead scooters in its wake.

Monday is kicking off with a particularly difficult Wordle puzzle, one that may put you dangerously close to using all six guesses. Fortunately, we have hints.

Here's how to tell the difference between the Hawkeye, Bugeye, and Blobeye iterations of the Subaru WRX. The first place you look should be obvious.

There’s a lot going on in the night sky this month. I’m talking planets, meteors, asteroids, a supermoon, probably space aliens—it’s getting wild up there. Here are the celestial highlights of August 2022. Read more...

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How do you explore the sunken depths of the ocean where it’s unsafe for human divers to venture? By building a creepy looking robot guy with a "human" sense of touch, of course. Created by scientists at Stanford University, the humanoid robot, named OceanOneK, just wrapped up another underwater expedition last month . And that’s just one of many, having explored everything from sunken submarines

Through September 30 American will reward Stand Up To Cancer donations with 50 miles per dollar if you pay with an American Airlines U.S.-issued cobrand Mastercard, on up to $10,000 in donations. Continue reading ...

Discord has begun rolling out an overhauled Android app that addresses one of the most consistent complaints with the software. If you follow the company, you’ve probably seen it often announce new features only to note they will launch on iOS and desktop first before arriving on Google’s operating system. We saw that recently with the release of Server Profiles . According to Discord, that’s abo

If you live in California ‘s Bay Area, this deal alert is for you. Flights from San Francisco to France are available at a significant discount for travel in the fall and winter, via TAP Portugal. It’s not just Paris , either. You can plan an escape to the French Riviera since flights to Nice are also on sale for as low as $379 round-trip. There are even some itineraries that include the Thanksgi

If you’re a fan of grocery delivery and have a Chase credit card , we have good news for you. Chase recently launched the Instacart Mastercard . Now, more cardholders are gaining additional Instacart perks. In June, we announced that eligible Chase cardholders can activate a complimentary Instacart+ membership , which reduces your service fees and waives the delivery fee on grocery orders of $35

Brussels Airlines has released a new safety video , and I really like it… I think? Brussels Airlines & Hooverphonic partner on safety video Brussels Airlines has partnered with Belgian band Hooverphonic for its new safety video, and it’s a unique concept. Brussels Airlines wrote down the exact lyrics to the safety instructions, and left it to the band to create a catchy song using those words. An

Though JetBlue Airways offers a well-regarded Mint business class , the carrier doesn’t operate any airport lounges. Travelers seated in Mint business class, as well as the airline’s Mosaic elite members , need to wait with everyone else at the gate before their JetBlue flight — unless you have the right credit card. Some of our top recommended cards include access to Priority Pass lounges , Amer

A large-scale study of Facebook data sheds new light on the ties between Americans — and how those relationships in turn shape economic outcomes. A research team led by Harvard economist Raj Chetty published the results today across two papers in the journal Nature, exploring how social connections lead to economic opportunity. The researchers examined data from 21 billion friendships on Facebook


Solo Stove’s original smokeless fire pits are incredibly popular, and the company just made its 2.0 version even better. Now, instead of having to flip over the 20-pound stainless steel basin to empty it out, there’s a removable ash pan that catches almost everything. It’s really awesome. Read This Article on LifeSavvy ›

Scammers are always looking for new ways to steal your personal details or money, and over the past few months, an exploit in PayPal’s invoice system is being used to create convincing phishing messages. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

Last week, more than 400 TV showrunners, writers and producers called on streaming giants and traditional Hollywood studios to offer improved protections for workers in states where abortions are banned or limited. Now, 594 other industry figures (many, if not all of whom are male) have pledged their support, as Variety reports. They include Jordan Peele, Taika Waititi, Jason Sudekis, Ryan Murphy

A federal judge refused to remove Visa from a lawsuit that alleges it aided MindGeek — the parent company of Pornhub — in monetizing child porn. In a decision issued on July 29th, U.S. District Judge Cormac Carney accuses the payment processor of refusing to cut business ties with MindGeek, despite being aware that Pornhub and other MindGeek-owned pornography sites distributed child pornography.

Summer is hot. This is known. No one expects summer to be cold. But this summer and last have been hot in a weird way. My fine city just broke its record for “consecutive days of temperatures 95℉ or higher,” and my single air conditioning unit is struggling to keep my living room below 80℉. (Also: My refrigerator is… Read more...

Two infrastructure companies from Chile and Singapore are preparing to build the first submarine internet cable to dock on the shores of Antarctica. The product of a partnership between Desarrollo País and H2 Cable, a subsidiary of BW Digital, the Humboldt Cable cable will run 15,000km from Chile to Australia, with offshoots landing in New Zealand and two islands off the Chilean mainland. Signifi

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If you watched last night’s Riverdale season six finale, I assume you’re still reeling from the madness that just went down. If you didn’t, here’s what happened on the show that makes Gotham look like a low-key, down-to-earth drama. Read more...

Enlarge (credit: Sean Gallup | Getty Images ) Google CEO Sundar Pichai apparently thinks Google has room to be a more focused company. CNBC reports the executive recently called an all-hands meeting and—after saying the company is "not currently" planning layoffs—said he wants a more efficient Google. "There are real concerns that our productivity as a whole is not where it needs to be for the he

Enlarge / Slowly but surely, the Asahi Linux team is getting Linux up and running on Apple Silicon Macs. (credit: Apple/Asahi Linux) We don't normally cover individual releases of the Linux kernel, partly because most updates are pretty routine. Any given Linux kernel update resolves some bugs, improves support for existing hardware, and makes some forward-looking changes in anticipation of new h

Value Electronics, an A/V retailer located just outside New York City, has been conducting an annual ‘TV Shootout’ for nearly two decades. The Shootout traditionally gathers a panel of TV testing experts and puts them in front of the best 4K TVs to decide which one is the absolute best – an honor that Sony earned this year for its A95K QD-OLED model. With the rise of 8K TVs, the Value Electronics

Windows 10 makes it super easy to change your default web browser. This way, you can set Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Brave, or another browser of your choice as the default. We’ll show you how to do that. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

It’s another day and another report about electric vehicles catching on fire. This week, BMW announced a short recall notice for select 2022 models of its electric cars over battery fires, but so far, fewer than 100 vehicles may be affected. Read This Article on Review Geek ›

A species of giant panda lived in eastern Europe 6 million years ago, according to scientists who studied the animal’s fossilized teeth. Read more...

IHG ’s newly revamped loyalty program, dubbed IHG One Rewards , has turned a largely forgettable hotel program into something exciting. It’s added features such as: Free breakfast as a welcome-amenity choice for top-tier Diamond Elite members at full-service and select-service hotel brands. More opportunities for early check-in for Platinum Elite and Diamond Elite members. 2 p.m. late checkout fo

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While the CW gutted its programming recently, DC shows seem to have been especially hard hit. Batwoman, Legends of Tomorrow , Naomi, and now The Flash have all been axed, according to Variety . There seems to be a revolving door of DC shows, as still on the network are Gotham Knights , Justice University, and Superman & … Read more...

Every month I make a post with what I consider to be the best credit card offers at the time, with a particular focus on the best travel credit cards . It’s always a great time to start getting your points strategy in order, so you’re ready to plan your dream trip when the time is right. That’s especially true when you consider that we’re currently seeing some of the best credit card welcome bonu

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Surgeons just successfully completed one of the most complicated conjoined twin separations ever recorded — with the help of virtual reality. "In some ways these operations are considered the hardest of our time, and to do it in virtual reality was just really man-on-Mars stuff," Noor ul Owase Jeelani, one of the surgeons who led the procedure and the founder of the charity Gemini Untwined, told

Pink Sauce: the condiment that’s trending for all the wrong reasons. It’s a lesson in TikTok hype, hive mind kayfabe, and perhaps most of all, the importance of the FDA. And at the end of the day, it’s just bad mayonnaise with just enough pink dye to look like Pepto Bismol. Instead of hitting this horrible sauce, we recommend five condiments that are worthy of going viral. Viral in a good way, no

Every week, TPG brings you tips on the best ways to earn and redeem your points and miles, so you can maximize your travel. Our team loves hearing success stories about how you’re using your loyalty currencies. Unsure if you’re getting a great deal from your next redemption? Why not ask the experts? For more news delivered each morning to your inbox, sign up for TPG daily newsletter . TPG reader

Chase now issues an Instacart credit card. And their partnership extends to introducing customers of other own-branded cards to the Instacart product. That includes Instacart+ membership and also now statement credits as well. Enrollment is required by July 31, 2024 to take advantage of these benefits. Continue reading ...

It’s not news that drinking water is very important. There’s been plenty written on how to determine the amount you should be drinking every day and then find creative ways to hit that mark . What might come as a shock, though, is that you can actually drink too much water—and doing so could be very hazardous to your… Read more...

Sega fans who plan to buy the Genesis Mini 2 will need to import the retro console from Japan. What’s more, the company estimates it will have approximately one-tenth of the stock that it had during the Genesis Mini launch in 2019 to sell to US and European consumers. Sega blamed the situation on the ongoing global semiconductor shortage . A Sega spokesperson told Polygon the company had initiall

It's not only Twitter that's trying to force Elon Musk to buy the company for $44 billion. An investor filed a proposed class action lawsuit to try stopping Musk from backing out of the deal . Luigi Crispo's suit accuses Musk of breach of contract and breach of fiduciary duty to Twitter's shareholders, according to Bloomberg . It claims he offered feeble "rationales for reneging on his contract."

A new Pokemon Presents event will be taking place soon -- we'll be keeping our eyes peeled for Pokemon Violet and Pokemon Scarlet info right off the bat.

Passengers at Manchester Airport (MAN) were left in shock on Saturday after a TUI aircraft suffered an engine fire upon landing. Emergency services were seen rushing to Manchester Airport’s Terminal 2 shortly after the plane landed at 3:45 p.m. from the Spanish island of Menorca. The fire was extinguished by the cabin staff before emergency services arrived at the scene; travelers reported seeing

Enlarge / Charter CEO Tom Rutledge speaks during The New York Times DealBook conference in New York on Thursday, Nov. 10, 2016. (credit: Getty Images | Bloomberg ) The two largest home Internet providers in the US both lost subscribers in the second quarter of 2022. On Friday, Charter Communications reported a loss of 42,000 residential Internet customers, leaving it with 28,259,000 households bu

Enlarge / Employees wearing cleanroom suits monitor chemical vapor deposition operations inside the GlobalFoundries semiconductor manufacturing facility in Malta, New York. Production plants for semiconductors have become a focal point as the economic recovery from the pandemic is held back in areas by a shortage of some of the critical electronic components necessary. The long wait for legislati

If you want to create a budget and share it with your housemates, Google Sheets is a great option. Use a template or make a budget from scratch and then share it so you can all work on it together. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

Buying a house is a significant investment—for most of us, it’ll be the largest purchase we’ll ever make, and the biggest debt we’ll ever take on. Which can cause heart palpitations once you realize the house itself is just a collection of home repair bills waiting to be paid. Read more...