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Sunday, May 18, 2014

No Agenda-The Saturday Missive

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Adam continues his report tomorrow of the wonders of Japan. From what I can tell, he will want to learn Japanese next. Tomorrow you also get a wrap of the most recent FCC hearings about Net Neutrality.


On Twitter (@therealdvorak), I promised to explain the reason that the Democrat commissioners voted yes on the Net neutrality discussion tacitly approving the despised Wheeler proposals, while the Republicans voted no.

The liberals in the USA, concerned about losing net neutrality, believed that the Wheeler plan was onerous and thus the evil Republican commissioners would vote for it and the freedom-loving democrats would vote against it.The opposite happened and everyone was baffled and shaking their heads.

Obviously, they did not actually watch the hearings. First of all, the two Republicans, when you listened to them, were obviously Libertarians in their philosophy so there was no way they’d vote for anything like this as it involved government over-reach. Douchebags TV analysts, who obviously did not watch the hearings, opined that the Republicans voted no because they were just going to vote the opposite way the Democrats voted. What an amazingly bigoted thought.


Not sure how this applies. But somehow it works.

The Democrats who voted with Wheeler also had a skewed opinion. Their logic was that the government had to get more involved. This was because the net and net neutrality would be ruined by these horrible corporations.We need to save the public by doing something now! These two Democrat women were very smug and self-assured that this is the way to go.
Appropriate clips from the hearings will be played tomorrow.


Saving the public

In the end it’s a comedy and you can be certain that the real target is freedom of speech. Enjoy it while you can. This has been playing out exactly as the No Agenda script has predicted.

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